Kiki Brite

So I lost my ipod yesterday. I’m pretty bummed. I’m actually surprised that I had it for 2 years without breaking it or losing it. You will be missed my little friend. The shuffle is pretty cheap so I guess I will invest in a new one. Like I’ve said before, I’m not really that into gadgets and what not so I don’t need a fancy pants 32GB Ipod Touch. I just need to have it to make sure people don’t talk to me on public transportation and to work out with. *sigh*

Three people talked to me on the train this morning already… “What’s that you’re reading there?” “Heading to work?” “I see you on the train all the time, do you work downtown?” My ipod’s hasn’t even been gone for 24 hours yet and already people are harassing me. People think I’m joking when I say there’s something about me that makes people find it necessary to strike up mindless banter with me but my friend got to witness it in the flesh the other day and was like “Do you know that person?” and I was like of course not. As long as I don’t have my headphones on people will talk to me. Guaranteed.

I don’t get paid til next week and I’m one of those annoying people that sticks to a budget plan. I will not spend willy nilly to ameliorate this problem. I’ll buy my new ipod next week. So, sorry to say that you will probably have to hear stories of annoying people talking to me on the train up until next friday.  I’ll try to keep the whinging to a minimum.

*sigh* END OF RANT (As you can tell from this endless chatter this is something that is the bane of my existence)

Moving on… I know I wrote about this the other day but seriously if you haven’t listened to that Patife mix you’re a fool I tell you, a fool (said in a voice like those overly dramatic actresses from those black and white movies from the early 1940s). It’s seriously just 2 hours of summery bliss. Dope. I’m listening to it right now, again, on my computer of course, since my ipod is gone… (pause for a moment to remember the good times with my old friend)

If someone told me I couldn’t be overly dramatic I would probably die. 🙂

Yikes! Did you see this? Congo Natty Presents – Most Wanted Vol. 1LP

The track Code Red is on there. Awesome. That’s where I got my dj name from. Code Red was actually the first jungle record I ever bought. At the time I was super club girl raver. I was never a candy raver. No fat pants, glowsticks or candy necklace/bracelets for me but I did wear knee high socks and pigtails on the regular and I was obsessed, with the colour navy blue. I had these patent leather navy blue vans that I wore all the time and I painted my nails this deep glitter navy blue. I had blue baubles like I used to wear when I was 3 in my pigtailed braids and I had a navy blue technics record bag. Think of Rainbow Brite (sort of) but in all navy blue instead of an array of colours from the rainbow. Dang… yes that vision requires a “dang.” Anyways when I was attempting to come up with a dj name I just figured my first record was significant enough so I got rid of the red and added blue. Voila.

Some dope classics on that LP. Definitely a must have if your Congo Natty selection is thin.

Seminar tonight.  Stunna.  Come out.


Young AxSaturday Night Mix July 2008


01 Young Ax – Soulsearchin’ – Beatalistics
02 Kubiks & Lomax – Jacuzzi 9mm – Nu Directions
03 Calibre – Think Again – Signature
04 Young Ax – Higher Ground – Santorin
05 Bassface Sascha & Franksen – Take Over – Beatalistics
06 Young Ax – Let’s Go – Santorin
07 TC – Get That Girl – D-Style
08 Syncopix – Travellin’ Man – Hospital
09 Camo & Khan – Mr. Mista – SOUL
10 Young Ax – U Got It – Santorin
11 Die (feat. Ben Westbeech) – The Reason Why – Clearskyz
12 Tita Lima – A Conta Do Samba (Human Factor Remix) – Sunrize
13 DJ Marky & XRS – Butterfly (Craggz & Parallel Forces Remix) – Innerground
14 Young Ax – Bright Nite – Santorin
15 Young Ax – Funkee Fresh – Beatalistics
16 Young Ax – Midnight Sun – Santorin
17 Dancing Djedi – Love Takin’ Over – SEX
18 Lil’ Louis – French Kiss – Silver Remix – White
19 Young Ax – The Foundation – Unsigned
20 Adam F – Original Jungle Sound (TC Remix) – Breakbeat Kaos

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