Krazy Kiki

I’m a little late on the posting today. I actually have been working diligently for the past 5 and 1/2 hours. No internet, no iming, no reading blogs. Just straight up work. It’s amazing what you can get done when you don’t procrastinate.

Yesterday, when I got home I kept being like “ooh I should have wrote about this track” but of course stupid me didn’t write them down and I can’t even remember what the hell I was thinking about cuz my mind is totally blank. Weird. Well maybe not weird, cuz I find it hard to focus on things for too long anyways, so lets just say… annoying.

I went to Lava last night and I actually had a good time. Jujitsu Jellybean was there and so was Stunna. I hadn’t been there in a while so it was nice to hang out with my peeps. Nameloc played last night and he had a really nice set. He played the Perculator Dubstep Refix by Jaybird. Love it! It’s just a dirty and nasty tune. Future Prophet and BRC threw down too and I loved it as well.  I even remember dancing slightly.  Stop the presses!  Old lady on the dance floor.

I think I was really in the mood for a night out with good music. I got to hear that LynxDistance Zero on a loud system and I love it even more.  I’ve been listening to it in my headphones for the past month and sometimes it’s just nice to hear shit out loud in an open space.  I also heard some Zyon Base tune I was into, don’t know the name.  I was complaining to Stunna that I’ve been hearing a bunch of Zyon Base stuff that I really like but whenever I search for his stuff online I only come across the tracks I’m not overly chuffed about.  Go figure.

I guess I’ll have to start trainspotting more than I already do.  There’s not point in having a blog where I write about the latest tracks that I like if I don’t know the names of any of them is there?  I will say though,  I’m a bit sad that I’ve somehow turned into the annoying girl that asks for track names all the time. I’m definitely keep the question asking to a minimum from now on.  I’ll only ask the people that know that I’m being annoying by asking for the track name of every single fucking dnb track ever made but still manage to love me just the same. 😉

I’m feeling a bit out of sorts and I’m not quite sure why. Maybe I just need to have a good lie down or something.

Can you believe it’s Friday already tomorrow?


NymfoWay Up Artist Agency Podcast #002

01. Lomax – dil kushi – critical
02. Commix & Icicle – ultra clean – dub
03. Spirit – fantasy – inneractive
04. Nymfo – paperboy – dub
05. Loxy – misconception – dub
06. SKC – just a groove – dub
07. A-sides – tokiado – east side
08. Spinline – secret mission – dub
09. Break – headz up – metalheadz
10. Dose & Menace – pick up – dub
11. Phobia & Jubei – guillotine – dub
12. Proxima & Nymfo – external harddrive – dub
13. Commix – talk to frank (break remix) – metalheadz
14. Isotone – the trip – obsessions
15. Icicle – we all fall – dub
16. Proxima – clear for launch – crunch recordings
17. Break – timeline vip – critical
18. Nymfo – common gateway – dub
19. Proxima & Nymfo – blue print – dub


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