Good Times

I had a really good night last night. As I slowly make a name for myself in the geriatric community, I don’t really need much, just good music and good company. Yesterday I had exactly that. The pic is hopefully how I’m starting to look as I enter my senior citizen stages. Dashing old black lady. Dope.

Submorphics and Stunna came over and we did a little preparty and then headed to Lava. I was surprised by Lava, there were people there actually dancing and they weren’t crazy weirdos, it was just people having fun. Really nice vibe and awesome music. I danced a whole bunch. Both Whoa-B and Stunna really threw down. Stunna played a hot number from good old Will Miles that was just banging. I guess it’s a Talkbox Remix that he did. Don’t really have any other info on but just know it’s a hot one! 😉

Heard some jammers yesterday. No samples. 😦

Dj ClartCity of Men

Paul SG & PouyaStanding Alone (Paul SG is seriously one of my faves right now. I love all the stuff he’s doing!)

Stunna & AmaningLandslide (I had actually heard this tune before and meant to write on it but, surprise surprise, I forgot. LOL. I think Stunna and Amanning just make a really good team. Their collabos are always slamming.)

Yesterday Stunna started his Bassdrive show with Commix’s Hung Up. Man, what a great tune. It made me think of this Commix mix from when they were on Fabio’s show last year. It’s a mini mix of some of the tunes they chose not to put on the album and it’s seriously amazing. Just beautiful drum n bass. There’s no tracklist cuz they didn’t even really say the names of the tracks.


CommixMini Mix On Radio 1 w/ Fabio


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