It’s funny when you know you’ve got shit to do but you just don’t feel like doing it. 😉  I’m up trying to do my last minute shit because instead of doing it last night I opted to go to sleep.  Now I’ve got mountains of shit to do before I leave for the airport and what am I doing instead?  Oh just blogging.  No biggie.  LOL.

Lenzman is one busy dude.  I like the Electrosoul System too but I like the Lenzman way better.

Lenzman/Electrosoul SystemString City/So Close

Have a good holiday weekend folks.


Dj PreshaSamurai Music Show Bassdrive 08/19/08


01. Data – Delicate [INFLUENCE]
02. Secret 13 – Dont Lie To Me [N/A]
03. Tokyo Prose – Untitled [N/A]
04. MIST – Memory Jog [SOUL:R]
05. D Bridge & Calibre – Ponderosa [EXIT]
06. Mosus And SPY – Drop Shadow [SAMURAI]
07. Marcus Intalex – Sentry [SOUL:R]
08. ST Files – Moods [SOUL:R]
09. Luca – Red Sky [SAMURAI]
10. Zero T Feat Steo – Too Much [INTEGRAL]
11. Calibre – New Cons [EXIT]
12. Linden – Silent Alarm [N/A]
13. Urban Notion – Insomnia [RUSE]
14. Calibre – Remedy [SIGNATURE]
15. Hiten – Nuisance [RED SEAL]
16. Secret 13 – What Have We Got To Lose [N/A]
17. Eveson – Elysian Fields [CREATIVE SOURCE]
18. Calibre – Zombie Life [SIGNATURE]
19. Tokyo Prose – Since [N/A]
20. Blocks – Shadowplay [N/A]
21. Soul Intent – Untitled [N/A]
22. Lazune – Final Enemy [31 RECORDS]
23. Bulletproof – Taken [N/A]
24. Paradox – Black Sun [PARADOX MUSIC]


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