Sleeping Beauty

I’m tired.  Whine, whine, whine… sometimes I can’t help it.  Sorry. 🙂

Short and sweet today.  Too tired to talk about much.

Loving these:

Lenzman – Lonely Heart (track is in the player)

Magnafied – Lines Of Communication (track isn’t in player but is including in the 10 unreleased tunes he’s giving away)

Today’s Oldie:  Dkay & LeeWax’dMetalheadz 2005      We’ve all taken note that I have an obsessive personality.  I caned this track to death.  This was when Dkay was still my dnb crush.  I think that probably lasted for the full year of 2005.  LOL.  What can I say he’s a good producer. 🙂

Meatworks aka Invisible Podcast #2


Blame – Hiro
The Greenman – Chainsmoker
ASC & Motion – Switchblade
PBK Feat Salamandra – Stepping Tones
Stakka & Skynet Ft. DJ Red – 9000 Series
Pressure Rise – Focus
ASC & Subwave – Bio Rhythm
Stakka And Skynet – Decoy
Bungle & Ney Faustini – No Routine
Big Bud – Soundtrax (The Greenman Remix)
Rufige Kru – Is This Real (Commix Im Not Sure Remix)
Digital – Termite
Calibre – Electric Soul
Blame – Apocalypto
Resound – Sounds Of The City (ASC Remix)
Meatworks – Hawking’s Dub
PBK – Microburst
Lm1 – Digital Dream
Focus – Way of life
Makai – Beneath The Mask (awesome oldie!)

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