Thou Shalt Stop Procrastinating… Soon

Man I need to get out of this lazy mode I’m in. Boo.

Daniela is taking me out for a bday dinner today night since she couldn’t make it out to the party last week. I’m always excited about hanging out with Daniela and a nice meal is a bonus too.

Hot tracks:

Kjell – The Dynamic Heard this on Methodus’s show last week. The tune is just fire. Watch out for it. I don’t have a sample but definitely check out the other stuff in his player.

Flirt With Dirt – Regroove Nice chill tune. Love the rolling bassline. (tune is in player)

Command Strange – Time I like a lot of Command Strange’s tracks. He just keeps pumping them out. Big up Kazakhstan! Again no sample but I really do recommend checking out the other tracks in his player.

Seeing as I forgot to post an oldie yesterday, I will be delighting you with not one, but two blasts from the past today! I know you can barely handle the excitement.

Oldie #1: Alex Reece feat. Deborah Anderson – Feel The Sunshine – Blunted Vinyl 1995 Jazz step, what what!! I can guarantee you that I had many a makeout session to this track. Deborah Anderson’s voice is so sultry. Alex Reece tracks are sick.

Oldie #2: Shy FX, T. Power & Skibba feat Di. – Don’t Wanna Know – Ebony Records 2002

This video is awesome. It could just as well be Diddy up there instead of Skibba. LOL. All dnb party jams should have videos in my opinion. To me this track is a total banger and it’s a bonus that it’s really fun to mix too.

There’s a ton of good downloads around at the moment. I can’t believe I’m actually having problems deciding what to post. I guess Seba wins. Seba is dope so he’ll always win.

mSdoS & Seba – Liquid DnB Sessions 8



01. Brother – Everything To Give (DUB)
02. Hobzee, Zyon Base & Brother – 125th Street (FOKUZ DUB)
03. Amaning & Stunna – Landslide (BS1 REC DUB)
04. Smote – Dimension X (VIBEZ DUB)
05. Mikal – Eternity (DUB)
06. A Grinda & Zig Zag – Colours Of The Night (Jebar Remix) (LIQUID BRILLIANTS REC)
07. Will Miles – Healing (DSM)
08. Eveson – Sweet wonderful (DUB)
09. Command Strange – Touch The Sky (DIGITAL COLOURS DUB)
10. Saburuko – Love Sensation (SONOROUS MUSIC DUB)
11. RedEyes,Random Movement,Mutt feat McMikeRomeo – Groove (SPEARHEAD DUB)
12. Division – Song Without Words (DUB)
13. Steez – Memories (mSdos & mJt remix) (DUB)
14. Peyo – Eden Log (DUB)
15. Qumulus feat. Jett – Remember When (DUB)
16. Gulfway Cartel & Lost Prophet – Harvest Dub (DUB)
17. Sinistarr – Leroy Jenkins (INFLUENCE)
18. Data – Glacier (DUB)
19. Alaska & Seba – Back from Eternity (PERPETUAL)
20. Seba & Krazy – Chameleon (PARADOX MUSIC)


01. seba & paradox feat robert manos – stone cold – paradox music
02. seba – special ops – combination records
03. commix – painted smile – ?
04. seba & krazy – inkasso – secret operations
05. seba feat Krister Linder – Blaze and fade out – combination records
06. seba & krazy – Imperial moment – Metalheadz
07. seba & paradox – as if – secret operations dub
08. alix perez – crooklyn – soul:r


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