On a completely unrelated dnb note, can I just say how much I love True Blood? Definitely my favourite show this tv season. It’s about vampires and it’s crazy and weird and all the actors on it are awesome. They call the people that like to associate with vampires fangbangers and I think that is hilarious. Good show.


SpiritConnected/Fantasy (hot hot hot! I love both sides. ❤ Spirit)


Today’s Oldie: Armand Van HeldenAin’t Armand AV8 Records 1997 I owe Brandon for this magnificent oldie, he was the one that reminded me of it. This was one of the first records I added to my collection. It came out around the r&b dnb era. I know that there are a lot of r&b dnb tracks now but I remember back then it was like every r&b song known to man had a remix. I was super into Monica during that time and thought this track was amazing! LOL. A classic nonetheless.

Liquid DnB Sessions Episode 9

01. Scenic & Advisory – Sweet Dreams (BINARY SOUL DUB)
02. Simplification – Dreams (DUB)
03. Kyro – Spring Fever (NEXGEN DUB)
04. Command Strange – Love Train (DUB)
05. Specific – Tell Me (PHUNKFICTION DUB)
06. Bungle – Be Like This (CRITICAL)
07. Kubiks & Zetek – Why (DUB)
08. Magnafide – Verano (DUB)
09. Peyo & Grimm – The One For Me (DUB)
10. Champagne – 74 street Mash (DUB)
11. Danoo – Possibilities (SOLE DIGITAL)
12. Gulfway Cartel – Choose You (DUB)
13. Carl Matthes & Bionic 1 – Let it go (PLANET FUNK DUB)
14. Human Factor – What A Shame (DUB)
15. Paul Sg & Caine – Memphis Blues (INFLUENZA DUB)
16. Edward Oberon – Paquito (DUB)
17. Seba – Crockett (COMBINATION REC)

Dj Modemellow (Camino Blue)
01. voyager – long white cloud – camino blue
02. furney & locksmith – wake up mr red – camino blue
03. passai – the underground – white
04. modemellow – darksaber – camino blue
05. big bud – forever – soundtraxx
06. furney – forward bound – camino blue
07. calibre – dont mind ep – signature
08. brother & elle rollo – special thing – fokuz
09. eveson – tricks – shogun ltd
10. ess&sunchase – alluvion – camino blue
11. big bud – white widow – soundtraxx

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