No Rest For The Wicked

I’m tired.  Yesterday was fun but I definitely need more sleep.

Command Strange – Love Train (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Foul PlayMusic Is The Key (Omni Trio Remix) – Moving Shadow 1994
Today’s oldie comes courtesy of Juju.  I am too tired to think.  She picked a good one.  Awesome awesome track.  We were both discussing how we have both definitely emoed out to this track in our younger raver days and still to this day.  LOL.  Denise Gordon’s vocal is just so hauntingly sad yet dope.

Dj DruidThe D.R.U. Show Episode #2


Eveson – Spirit Song (Silent Witness Remix)
Lenzman ft. Jo-S – Emeralds
Phat Playaz – Skyline [dub]
Trap – Under My Skin [dub]
Contour – Angels In Shadows
Bionic1 – Far From Down To Earth
Crix & Operon – Pure Energy [dub]
Druid – Lightheaded [dub]
Grafix – This World
Marcus Intalex & High Contrast – 3AM
Nu:Tone – Can We
Contour – Synapse (Bungle Remix)
Greg Packer – Meltdown
Undersound – Calling Bluffs [dub]
Alix Perez & Sabre – Everglade
El Maria, June Miller & Mindmapper – Mount Tanaga [dub]
Druid – One Shot [dub]
Druid – Out Of The Woodwork [dub]
Commix – Talk To Frank (Break Remix)
Proxima – Clear For Launch
Undersound – Krakatoa 2008 (Druid Remix) [dub]
Soulproof – Shelter
Calibre – Be There
Brother – Ever After
Druid – Burning [dub]
Prestige – Everything She Wants
Syncopix – Happy Happy Joy Joy
Decem – Don’t Sleep [dub]
Redeyes – Poetry In Motion
Kubiks & Lomax – Things To Come
Bachelors Of Science – Anytime She Goes Away
Commix – Be True
Ghostface Killah ft. Neyo – Back Like That (Marky & Bungle Remix)
Bachelors Of Science ft. Redeyes – Hold On
Druid – The Power [dub]
Nero – Energy V.I.P.


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