Well thank god this boring week is over.  I have a lot of things to sort out this weekend so I feel like I’m going to be quite busy.

Atmospherix & ErosBrother

Today’s Oldie:
Blackstar feat. Top CatChampion DjCongo Natty Records 1995
Woh.  I’m still in a ragga jungle mood.  Ri-di-cu-lous classic.  I loved going to raves and you’d hear the intro of Top Cat chatting creeping in and know that the dj was mixing in Champion DJ.  Woot.  Awesome oldie.

Fusion & CartelSpectrum ICR FM April 12


Command Strange – Goa (Golden Orb Recordings)
Basement Jaxx vs Brazilian Guys – Good Luck feat. Lisa Kekaula (CD-R)
Drumagick – So Far Away (Innerground)
Katy Perry – I Kissed A Girl [Receptor remix] (CD-R)
Invisible Landscape Orchestra – Beat Goes On (CD-R)
Euphorics – Twin Peaks Theme (CD-R)
BCee – Glitter Balls (Forthcoming Generations EP – Spearhead)
Ill Logic & Raf – Darkness at Noon (Bingo)
Random Movement – A Quick Thought (Peer Pressure Recordings)
Facing Jinx – Thru Time (CD-R)
Baron Simms – 54th Street (CD-R)
Empire – Her (CD-R)
Drumlinezz – Hear Us (CD-R)

60 minutes of (mostly) fresh cuts in the mix…

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