Muscle Kiki

Grrr.  I fucked up my shoulder at the gym yesterday.  Pain, pain, pain.  The annoying part about shit like that is you just have to wait for it to go away.

Shakedown was fun yesterday at first I was miserable cuz I was tired and my shoulder hurt but then I went home, relaxed for a bit and came back and kicked it.  Lava being a 5 minute walk from my house is always a bonus.  I loved Dave Owen’s set.  Good tunes.

Jazz ThievesMidnight Hour (Submorphics Remix)
I’ve liked this one for a while.  The promo just came out so I figured I’d give it a plug. 🙂

Today’s Oldie:
CaponeSoldierHardleaders 1995

CalculonShakedown Mix #3


01) Flaco – Why I say – Rubik
02) Adam Form feat Calculon and Andy Sim – Close Call – Rubik
03) Calculon – Road Less Travelled – Fokuz
04) Lenzman – Mesmerized – Shogun
05) Calculon – Rear View – Rubik
06) PaulSG – Unstoppable (Henree Rmx) – Phunkfiction
07) Calculon and Austin Speed – Lost – Dub
08) Stress Level and TC1 – Waves (Survival Rmx) – Dispatch
09) Fourward – Walking Alone – Fokuz
10) Naibu – Tigresse – Fokuz
11) Calculon and Austin Speed – It’s Your Touch Bootleg – Beard
12) Calculon – Crushed – Fokuz
13) BHX – She Says – Rubik
14) Alix Perez – I’m Free – Shogun
15) Spectrasoul – Organiser – Critical
16) Calculon – Jasmine – Fokuz

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