Burlesque Kiki

When I think burlesque, I think Dita Von Teese.  Yesterday for Stunna’s bday we all went to Debonair.  They had gone to a Cubs game prior, but I couldn’t afford to partake in that part of the bday celebration.  While we were there there was a burlesque show.  This bony girl got up there and did her thing.  It was ick.  I know she wasn’t taking off her clothes for me but eww do people really like skin and bones?  I’m pretty sure there was an eating disorder hiding up in there somewhere.  Regardless, it was good times.  It’s nice when we do different things.

I went to take some tests today so I can start temping.  I aced the word and excel tests but dang, I guess I am not as well versed in powerpoint as I thought I was.  No biggie.  This will get me out of the house and maybe find me some other admin job until my magnificent script is done. 😉

SyncopixStay In Touch (track is in Spearhead Records player)
Love this one. Syncopix is dope.

Today’s Oldie:
PendulumAnother PlanetBreakbeat Kaos 2004

Alix Perez’s has an album to promote so there is a ton of mixes of his floating around.  Again, I’m not complaining, more stuff for me to listen to. 🙂
Alix PerezFabric Live Promo Mix


01. Alix Perez & Sabre – Hemlines [SHOGUN]
02. dBridge – 5th Floor [EXIT]
03. Rockwell – Shards [N/A]
04. Abstract Elements – Essence Of Time [EXIT]
05. Alix Perez – Myriads [SHOGUN]
06. Rockwell – Full Circle [SHOGUN]
07. Icicle – Mnml Funk [N/A]
08. Ulterior Motive – Featherweight [SUBTITLES]
09. System – The Voices [N/A]
10. Alix Perez ft Foreign Beggars – The Cut Deepens [SHOGUN]
11. Commix – Belleview (dBridge Remix) [METALHEADZ]
12. Jubei ft dBridge – Patience [METALHEADZ]
13. Alix Perez & SpectraSoul ft Peven Everett – Forsaken [SHOGUN]
14. Phace – Strange Science [SHOGUN]
15. Future Forces Inc – Strontium Jazz (Dillinja Remix) [RENEGADE HARDWARE]
16. Icicle & Noisia – Driftwood [SHOGUN]
17. Alix Perez & Zero T – Suffer In Silence [SHOGUN]


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