Sabrina & Kiki

Watching Sabrina with Joia.  She loves this show.  I’m taking her to school this morning so we’re embarking on our morning ritual.  I don’t even think I loved the show as much as she loves it when I was younger.  She likes the talking cat.

I had an extremely productive day yesterday.  It felt good.  I will keep this up.

SmoothJealous Eyes (Utah Jazz Remix)

Bal – Les Levres En Feu (track is in player)
Loves it!  I am quite the Bal fan. 🙂

Today’s Oldie:
Goldie & Rob Playford feat. Diane CharlemagneInner City LifeFFRR 1994
I woke up with this track on my mind.  It basically speaks for itself. ❤

ASCFabric Promo Mix


1. dBridge – City Of Lonely Runaways [EXIT]
2. ASC – Porcelain [NON PLUS+]
3. Instra:Mental – No Future (ASC Remix) [NON PLUS+]
4. Plus Ultra – ? [NON PLUS+/EXIT]
5. Consequence – Rollin Supreme [N/A]
6. Consequence & Instra:Mental – Reflex Reaction [EXIT]
7. ASC?
8. Resound – ?
9. ASC?
10. ASC – ? [NON PLUS+]
11. Black Pocket – U’re A Star (dBridge Remix) [EXIT]
12. ?
13. Consequence – Fog [EXIT]
14. ?


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