Leftover Kiki

My Thanksgiving was lovely.  Actually one of the best I’ve had. 🙂  Hope yours was too.  No long post today.  I’m gonna go gallavant around Madtown.

FrictionShogun Audio Podcast


01. DJ Friction & K-Tee – Overtime (SpectraSoul Remix)
02. Lenzman ft Riya – Bittersweet [SGN:LTD]
03. MIST ft DRS – Clockwork [SOUL:R]
04. Total Science & SPY – Gangsta [SHOGUN]
05. Icicle & Noisia – Driftwood [SHOGUN]
06. Phace – Strange Science [SHOGUN]
07. SpectraSoul – ?
08. Alix Perez ft Foreign Beggars – The Cut Deepens [SHOGUN]
09. Icicle – Anything [TEMPA]
10. Alix Perez ft Ursula Rucker – Intersections [SHOGUN]
11. SpectraSoul ft Kenny Knots – Four Points [METALHEADZ]
12. Lenzman – Rags To Riches [SGN:LTD]
13. Original Sin – R Bass [PLAYAZ]
14. Spor – Kingdom [LIFTED]

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