Candied Yam Kiki

Happy Thanksgiving!  Stuff your face.  I plan to. 🙂

CalculonRubik Podcast S003
I listened to this yesterday, good stuff.


01 Kubiks and Lomax – Find a way (Rubik)
02 Calculon – Crushed (Fokuz)
03 Dave Shichman and Dave Owen – Untitled (Unsigned)
04 Atmospherix – Deep Thoughts (Rubik forthcoming)
05 Alix Perez – Fade Away (Shogun)
06 Calculon – Road Less Traveled (Fokuz)
07 Bcee and Lomax – Get up Get down (Nu Directions)
08 Andy Sim and Calculon – Evening Shadows (forthcoming Funk Star)
09 Flaco – I’m Thinking of You (Unsigned)
10 Glen E Ston – Above the Clouds (forthcoming IM LTD)
11 Random Movement and Mixmaster Doc – Follow Your Own Path, Dig My Own Grave (Unsigned)
12 Stunna – Pain (Phuzion)
13 Spectrasoul – How Strange (Shogun LTD)
14 ATP and Calculon – The Coriolis Effect (forthcoming Funk Star)
15 Mutt ft Kevin King – Thinking (Unsigned)
16 Zezo and 2 Cents – Summer Jam (Calculon Remix) (Unsigned)

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