Yes, It’s Me… Prodigal Kiki

I haven’t updated since January?  Ooh I’m horrid.

I feel like I don’t remember what it’s like to have free time anymore.

I was excited cuz I’m only taking one class this summer, which means I’ll actually get a summer holiday this year.  Didn’t get one last year but I survived.  I signed up to take the class at the end of the summer so I could start my summer holiday now since school just finished and then they switched the class to the beginning of the summer.  Can you say gutted?  I was so devastated when I found out.😦  Now I just have to buck up and wait til July as school starts again in two weeks now.  I still get a summer holiday but I just have to wait 2 more months.  I’m dealing.  I did get a good sulk in though.

I’m in London right now.  Came to see the fam.  So at least I get a mini break.  I just really wanted to have more than 2 weeks off as I am completely burnt the fuck out.

It also happens to be my blog’s bday today.  I know I never have time to write in it but I’m still gonna acknowledge its bday.  I decided not to delete it and will just post whenever some magical free time comes my way.  I thought I would have more free time to write while I was here but my cousin just passed away two days ago and I’ve been doing family stuff.  R.I.P. Anthony.

Hope all is well in your brocktastic land,  I’m busy but alive and still getting my dnb fix when I can.


These tunes are prolly old to you but since I haven’t updated in eons they are tunes that I have kinda just kept in mind.

LogisticsWe Are One (Nu: Logic Remix)
Can’t get enough of these drums.  They are just amazing.  Really great remix.

Penny Giles – Rhodes Adrift

KyshidoI Like The Way You Move
I prolly like this tune cuz whenever I hear it it makes me want to mix Pulp Fiction.  Nice simple effective bassline.

Planas feat Ed ThomasBreathtaking (dBridge Remix)
Loves it!  So good.

Today’s Oldie:
LogisticsTogether VIPHospital Records 2004
I’m pretty sure I already posted this as an oldie but I was thinking about it this morning and it doesn’t stop being awesome so I’m posting it again.😉

Heavy 1Rubik Records Podcast 15
Always love Heavy 1.  This Rubiks Podcast is dope.❤


01. Heavy1 – Minimalized
02. Heavy1 – Untitled
03. Ena – Splinter
04. Heavy1 – Untitled
05. Fade – Untitled
06. Lynx – Rankoor
07. Loxy & Resound – League of Shadows
08. Heavy1 – Ongaku
09. Heavy1 – Diehard
10. Unknown – Untitled
11. Heavy1 & June Miller – Judge
12. Philth – Dreamimg (Need For Mirrors Remix)
13. Phil Tangent – Forgiveness
14. Heavy1 & Iriann Joyce – Light upon my road
15. Heavy1 & Quantrek – Independent
16. Mr Joseph & Pennygiles Ft .Katie White  – Fly Me Away
17. Pennygiles – Momentary Switch
18. Pennygiles – Au Revoir Blackbird
19. Sevin & Pennygiles – Last words
20. Velocity – Hide & Seek
21. Makoto & Deeizm – Paradiese
22. Heavy1 & Iriann Joyce – Light upon my road (Makoto Remix)

Toothache Kiki

Oh man.   The past couple of days have been quite rough.  I have an infected tooth.  I need to get it extracted.  I’ve been in an excruciating amount of pain since thursday.  The infection has caused some hearing loss which I’ve been dealing with since then too. :(  I am so not a happy camper.  Things are a little bit better today cuz I actually went to the dentist and he gave me some antibiotics and we made an appointment to say sayonara to the tooth when the infection is gone.  TMI?  Probably.  LOL.  I guarantee you no one cares that much about my teeth.😉

James BlakeLimit To Your Love (Lynx Remix)
I’m definitely late on this James Blake bandwagon.  His voice is sexy.  This Lynx remix is on point.  I like it whenever Lynx does remixes that have this vibe.  It gives me that Distance Zero melancholy feel.❤

Today’s Oldie:
Atlantic ConnectionDon’t Love YouDispatch Recordings 2006

KomaticRubik Podcast 8


Komatic – Seasons Sleep (rubik dub)
Dramatic & dbAudio – Green Box (ingredients dub)
Kjell – Dependence (rubik dub)
Drifta & Dean C – Sway (technicolour remix) (blu saphir)
I Wannabe – Miracle of the 21st Cetury (rubik)
Technicolour & Komatic ft. Jayma – Vermillion (technique dub)
Kjell – Lincoln Place (rubik dub)
Technicolour – Parsons Green (Komatic remix) (dub)
June Miller ft. Mindmapper – Quartz Controlled ( )
Godfather Sage & SGNL – Swan Dive (Calculon Remix) (rubik dub)
Komatic – Make the Most Of Now (Technicolour Remix) (spearhead dub)
Subterra & Bazil – Cold Shoulder (nu directions dub)
Calculon – Odessa (ASC Remix) (rubik dub)
Komatic – Assembled Conciousness (dub)
Komatic – When You Come Home (dub)
Technicolour – The New You (spearhead dub)
Random Movement – Risk (rubik dub)
The Fugees – Fugee – La (sevin remix) (dub)
Komatic – The Open Choice (dub)

Nightmare Kiki

Starting new things is always scary.  I start my new job today and I was dreaming of getting fired all night.  Lame.  I’m sure it’ll be fine.😉

How was everyone’s holiday?  Mine was awesome.  Quality fam time.

I came back to a lot of mixes floating around which is always good in my book.

Mikal – This Moment

Today’s Oldie:
Jonny LTwo Of UsXL Recordings 1996
Old Jonny L is awesome.  This track is dope.

Calculon sent me the link to this one.  It was my treadmill soundtrack this morning.  Good Mix.:)
CalculonRubik Podcast 7


01) Naibu – Yunmee – Santorin
02) Caine and Atmospherix – Hustlin’ Dayz – Rubik
03) Mutt and Calculon feat Kevin King – Easy on the Motion – Rubik
04) Calculon feat Kelly Dean – Premonition (Stunna Remix) – Rubik
05) ATP and Dave Owen – Way Back When – Rubik
06) Alicia Keys – Unthinkable (Lenzman Remix)
07) Die – Ghetto Bizness – Clear Skys
08) Bladerunner – Back to the Jungle – Critical
09) Break – Time after Time – Symmetry
10) Survival – Why
11) Heavy1 – The Deep Note
12) Synkro – Vacant – Smokin Sessions
13) Pawn feat Calculon – Escapism
14) Heavy1 – Asianova – Rubik
15) Austin Speed – Stardust
16) Martyn – Vancouver – 3024
17) Submorphics – Can’t Understand – Westbay
18) Home Video – Every Love That Ever Was (Bachelors of Science Remix)

Staycation Kiki

I’ve been having a mini staycation at my bro’s house.  Good times just lounging with my niece, eating good food and watching tv and spending zero dollars.  That’s how I like it.😉

JaybeeRubik Podcast 006


01. Jaybee & Dave Owen – I Don’t See Nothing Wrong – Dub
02.Atmospherix – Memories – Rubik Digital Dub
03.Random Movement – Bandaids – Innerground Dub
04.Jaybee & Sinistarr – Should I (Heavy 1 Rmx) – Rubik Dub
05.DJ Clart – Illusions – Dub
06.DuoScience & Insight – Street Thugs (Amen Mix) – Dub
07.Command Strange – Pathogen – Dub
08.Random Movement & Mixmaster Doc – Saturated Fats (Science Factory V.I.P) – Dub
09.Dave Owen & Grimm – The Way You Move – Dub
10. M.S. Dos – Lanes – Stepping Forward Dub
11.A.T.P & Dave Owen – Way Back When – Rubik Dub
12.Command Strange & Intelligent Manners – Hanging On – Celsius
13.Random Movement – Risk – Rubik Dub
14.Gunston – Bounds of A Decade – Influenza Limited Dub
15.Technicolour & Komatic – Daydreamer – Technique
16.Soultec & A.T.P – Mr. JC – Rubik Digital Dub
17.Flaco – Choose Me – Rubik Dub
18.Eden – Flirt(MuWookie Rmx) – Dub

Trudge Along Kiki

I had a pretty fun holiday weekend.  Me and Daniela kept each other company and it ended up being really nice even though our hood was really a ghost town.

Packed weekend  coming up.  I’m mixing at an art show on friday (will post details on that as we get closer), our friends John and Journy have their wedding reception, my niece’s baptism and of course World Cup final.  I get to see my family this weekend which is always awesome.

Mix recaps…  I love that Asides Knowledge Promo MixAsides has been killing.  I know that mix was a while ago (a while in mixland anyways) but I haven’t changed the mixes on my ipod in a minute.  Awesome tunes, awesome mixing per usual.  Wouldn’t expect anything less from Mr. Cambridge.:)

SPY – Xenomorph (track is in player)

AkiraDay Dreaming

Today’s Oldie:
Dj Zinc feat. Jenna GDon’t Bury MeBingo 2006
Not really that old but I was thinking of it this morning for some reason so I figured I’d pick it.

MethodusRubik Podcast 5


. Jaybee & Sinistarr – Should I
. 8Bits ft. Riya – On Your Mind
. Naibu ft. Key – Convictions
. June Miller & Rolling Mafia – Bright Eyes
. Seba – Distance
. Cybass – It’s A New Life For Me
. Lenzman – More Than I Can Take
. Jaybee & Native – The Search
. Heavy1 – Riot In Tokyo
. Jaybee – A Dark Days Night
. Heavy1 & Calculon – First Light
. Spectrasoul ft. D Bridge – Glimpse
. Stereotype – Oil Spill
. Calculon – Odessa (ASC remix)

Scorcher Kiki

Dang it was hot yesterday.  Love it!  The midwest is so funny in that aspect.  It was 50 last week and now all of a sudden its 90.  I spent my sunday in the park with Jessica and Joia.  Good times.

Lost series finale was yesterday.  I wasn’t as pissed as everyone else seemed to be.  I liked it.  I’m a sucker for happy endings.  I don’t really care about the unanswered questions.  My life will continue just fine.😉

I also worked my first Smallbar big football game shift this weekend.  It was the Champions League final and it was insane.  Crazy busy, a lot of drinking.  I remember I looked at the clock and it was 1230 and then when I looked again it was 445.  I didn’t even know who won.  LOL.  (Inter Milan did if you didn’t already know)  World Cup there is definitely going to be interesting. :)

Subwave – Ubik (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
MartynBlack LiesRevolver 2005
I really enjoyed Martyn’s dnb.  Love this record.

StunnaRubik Podcast Mix Spring 2010


• dbAudio – JOURNEYS

Candied Yam Kiki

Happy Thanksgiving!  Stuff your face.  I plan to.:)

CalculonRubik Podcast S003
I listened to this yesterday, good stuff.


01 Kubiks and Lomax – Find a way (Rubik)
02 Calculon – Crushed (Fokuz)
03 Dave Shichman and Dave Owen – Untitled (Unsigned)
04 Atmospherix – Deep Thoughts (Rubik forthcoming)
05 Alix Perez – Fade Away (Shogun)
06 Calculon – Road Less Traveled (Fokuz)
07 Bcee and Lomax – Get up Get down (Nu Directions)
08 Andy Sim and Calculon – Evening Shadows (forthcoming Funk Star)
09 Flaco – I’m Thinking of You (Unsigned)
10 Glen E Ston – Above the Clouds (forthcoming IM LTD)
11 Random Movement and Mixmaster Doc – Follow Your Own Path, Dig My Own Grave (Unsigned)
12 Stunna – Pain (Phuzion)
13 Spectrasoul – How Strange (Shogun LTD)
14 ATP and Calculon – The Coriolis Effect (forthcoming Funk Star)
15 Mutt ft Kevin King – Thinking (Unsigned)
16 Zezo and 2 Cents – Summer Jam (Calculon Remix) (Unsigned)