Fantasy Kiki

I’m getting back into the swing of things.  The jet lag is subsiding, clothes are unpacked, I picked up my car from my bros etc.  When you go away it’s like you get to live in this fantasy world for a hot minute and then it’s funny how when you get back it’s almost like that time didn’t happen because you automatically go back to your regular routine.

I’ve got some job prospects in the pipeline so keep your fingers crossed for me.  Woot.

Naibu feat. Miss Drop – Doubts (track is in both players)

Today’s Oldie:
Random MovementThey Locked Me Down Progress 2005

Dj DruidThe D.R.U. Show Episode 22

Survival – Secrets
Joe Syntax – Modern Games [Syncsaphir Dub]
Spinline – Irreverse
Alix Perez – 1984
Physical Illusion – Don’t Stop
Consequence – 11 Circles
Survival – Wasted
Sabre – Leaf
Friske & Resound – Kill At Will
Amit & Klute – Kunt Kicker
Zyon Base – Shifting Sands
Jaybee & K-Dan – Love Affair [Dub]
Stanza – Regal Club
Drumlinezz – Just When We Thought It Was Over
Qumulus – Seasons Of Change [Dub]
Peyo – U Can Make It
Baron Simms Ft. Mat E Rich – Being With You [Dub]
Baron Simms – Blue Cat Club [Dub]
S.P.Y. – Moon Patrol
S.P.Y. – Asbo
Enei – Brick
Druid – Sidestep [Point 9]
Druid – Gravity [Dub]
Consequence – A Man And A Woman
June Miller – Neurosis
Mr Sizef – Foggy World [Dub]
Spectrasoul – The Tube
Indivision – Secret Vision
Lenzman & Redeyes – Thieves In The Night
Mutated Forms – Storm In A Teacup
Jazz Thieves – Keep On Pushin’
Qumulus – World Keeps Turning [Dub]
B-Cee – Cultural Shift
Druid – Sunshine [Dub]

Dj Clart – Benched


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