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Weekend Shenanigans Kiki

Considering the fact that I did nothing of importance this week, I’m surprised at how fast the week went.ย  I anxiously await fridays because the weekends means that my friends can hang out with me and I don’t have to create activities to fill up my day. ๐Ÿ™‚

Today’s Oldie:
LoxyVortexRenegade Hardware 1999

Zul SubvertSubvert Sessions April 2010


01. Method One & Stunna – Edge Of Night [31 Records]
02. Stunna – Run (feat. place42) [Telluric]
03. Eveson – Hear No Evil [Spearhead]
04. Derrick & Tonika – Humana [Soundtrax]
05. Netsky – Eyes Closed [Allsorts]
06. Sinistarr – I’m Not Done [Phunkfiction]
07. Joe Syntax – Expectra [Med School]
08. Mako & Andy Skopes – In The Raw (dBridge Remix) [Utopia Music)
09. PFM – Equillibrium [Telliuric]
10. Mode – Stats [Ingredients]
11. Omnius – Solace [Amen Brothers Records]
12. Mindscape & Jade – Razor Sharp [Commercial Suicide]
13. Loxy & Resound – Psychology Moves [Renegade Hardware]
14. Raiden – Danzon [Voodoo Music]
15. DJ Marky & S.P.Y – Riff Raff [Digital Soundboy]
16. Break – Natural Progression [Utopia Music]
17. DJ Madd – Don’t Want To Be [Med School]
18. Sinistarr – The Blip [Phunkfiction]
19. Spor – Overdue [Lifted Music]
20. Lung – Afterlife [Kokeshi]
21. Massive Attack – Paradise Circus (Breakage’s Tight Ropen Mix) [N/A]


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