Relief Kiki

I got a job.  Waiting tables.  Not exactly what I’d planned but it’s only temporary and they just need seasonal help.  Doesn’t start til June but the great news is that Madison will not be seeing my face.  I can’t really express in words what a relief this is so I’ll just stop going on about it now.  Just know that I’m happy. 🙂

NaibuUse of Weapons (track is in Warm Communications player)

Today’s Oldie:
London’s Most WantedGirls Dem Want ItPhilly Blunt Records 1995

Random MovementPodcast #8
Yay.  I love the RM podcasts.


01. Random Movement – Finally Feeling It
02. Eveson – Brooklyn
03. Alicia Keys – Un-Thinkable (Drum & Bass Bootleg)
04. ATP & SoulTec – Mr JC
05. Eveson – Get Your Swerve On
06. Alton Miller – Time On 2 (Flaco Remix)
07. Lenzman ft Jo-S – Coincidence
08. Random Movement – Band-aids For Cancer
09. FD & Keza – Cougar
10. Redeyes – Shelta
11. A-Sides ft Fats – Rebel Rouser
12. Soul Intent – Sax Me
13. Turtle D – Jazz’s Shadows
14. Freshman & ATP – Northern Light
15. Quantrek – Love Affair
16. Subz & Matik – Could We Be Wrong
17. The Insiders – The Social
18. MixMaster Doc – Throwback
19. BTK ft 2Shy – Vengeance
20. Eveson – Fantasize

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