Summer Lovin Kiki

I’m not gonna act like I’m not excited that I don’t have to work today.  LOL.  The sun is out.  It’s gorgeous.  One of my uncles is here from England and I’m gonna go traipse around the city and enjoy the day.  Woot. 🙂

Brandon Miles – Behemoth (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
J MajikYour SoundMetalheadz 1995

AlegriaFrostbitten Soul Music


1. Glen E Ston & Dave Owen – Dwelling In You [dub]
2. Random Movement – Kids In The Sea [Innerground dub]
3. Rockwell – Stay Calm [Critical]
4. Naibu – Midori Sour [Deep Soul Music]
5. SpectraSoul – Melodies [Exit]
6. Triad – Last Gasp [Deep Soul Music]
7. Bcee – Generations [Spearhead]
8. Arp XP – The Equation [IM:LTD]
9. Glen E Ston – Black On Ice [IM:LTD dub]
10. Mr Distance & Joe Syntax – Void [X-Tinction Agenda dub]
11. Mortem – Whispers [IM:LTD]
12. Zyon Base – City Of The Red Night [Deep Soul Music]
13. Calibre feat. DRS – Love’s Too Tight To Mention [Signature]
14. Lomax – Resist [Soul:r]
15. Naibu – Tigresse [Fokuz]
16. Glen E Ston & Clart – Mysterious Ways [Qilin]
17. Well Being – Without A Doubt [Fokuz]
18. Random Movement & Mixmaster Doc – Follow My Own Path, Dig My Own Grave [Influence dub]
19. Subwave – Moscow Lights [Critical]
20. Calibre – Hypnotise [Soul:r]
21. Paul SG feat. Grimm – Lonely [Jazzsticks]
22. Break – Winter Sun [Shogun]
23. Bcee – Out In The Cold [Influenza]


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