Goal Differential, Round of 16 Kiki

Even though Juju tried to hate on me, I didn’t forget you.  (<3 you Juju)  I have been in World Cup mania at work.  It’s actually kind of fun but at the same time everything is a blur.  I am so excited to have today off.  I don’t get to relax or anything.  I’m basically using this day to do all the things that I haven’t gotten to do in the past week.  Did you see that Italy match yesterday?  Awesome.  Buh bye Italy!  I’m so excited to get into some more good football watching.  This weekend’s games are going to be wicked too.  Meh I sound like a nerd.  Lets move on to some dnb.

My buddy Stunna is having a show this weekend.  You can see me, Grand Marquee, Alfonz De La Mota, Midway and Place 42 play at an all dnb gig this saturday June 26.  Yes I repeat Chicago another all dnb gig.  I know these are so few and far between that we’ve forgotten what they are but I’m so excited to hang out with my friends, play some music and listen to some dnb.  I miss that so much.  If you’re in Chi please come and hang out with us.  It’s going to be lovely. 🙂

I’ve been listening to some awesome mixes at the gym and on my walks to work.  Thank god for Bassdrive.  I don’t have as much time to search for new mixes so I just download an archive and I’m good to go.  Lots of good tunes out as usual.  I’ve been hearing some pretty wicked darker/rowdier ones that I’ve been digging…  Yes you heard correctly,  Liquid Funk Kiki is digging more and more rowdy tunes. *shrugs*  What can I say, I’m not laying around my flat pondering my life as much anymore so a rowdy tune here and there while on the go definitely gets me excited.  😉

I hope I get a chance to write again soon but I can’t guarantee it.  I have a long stretch coming up with no days off again for a minute.  We’ll see.

Hope all is well.

Vicious Circle & NocturnalOperation Index (track is in VC player)

Today’s Oldie:
MA2Hearing Is BelievingFormation 1995

FrictionMOS Radio 6/21/10


SPY & Kasra – Surface
Spectrasoul – Absentis
Mikal – Nu World
A-Sides – Punks
Camo & Krooked – Climax
Rusko – Hold On (Subfocus Remix)
Sigma – The Jungle
Break & Silent Witness – Kontroller
Original Sin & Taxman – Casino
Friction vs Camo & Krooked – Stand Up

Prototypes In The Mix ***********

Alix Perez – Behind Time
Lenzman – Masquerade
Need For Mirrors – Gallows
Fierce & Vicious Circle – Section
Alix Perez ft. Foreign Beggars – Dark Days
Jubei & Ulterior Motive – Teverton
Icicle – Minimal Dub
Delta Heavy – Abort


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