Mind Eraser Kiki

It’s weird that now the World Cup is over it’s almost like it never happened.  LOL.  I spent a whole month pretty much working every day at Smallbar and now I’m just back to what I was doing before.  It’s almost like when you go on a tropical holiday and you’re completely consumed by the beach and then you come back to your regular life and you’re not really able to hold on to what was going on while you away because it’s so drastically different from what you were doing before you left.  *shrugs*

Sam gets here today.  Woot.

I will admit that I haven’t been listening to a lot of the mixes I’ve downloaded lately.  I’m trying to reload my whole itunes library and so I’ve kinda been immersed in all those cds that I own.  I’ve got some good stuff. 🙂

Today’s Oldie:
Dj HypeAnd Remember Folks True Playaz 1996

SoultecPodcast 3


Tanith – Harmony -Aventual
ASC -Fade Away Seasons feat. Consequence – nonplus+
Shebuzz – We Bring You The Future – Extent VIP Dub
Foul – Living Without You – ?
Subsid – Hollow Moon – ?
Omah Feat Estelle – Lay It Down – Phunkfiction
Beat 70 – B Hive (Jaybee Remix)
Furney – Doobo Delaniv – ?
Technicolor – Lights (Komatic Remix) -?
dRamatic & dbAudio – Soulwave – Telluric
Command Strange – Pushed – ?
Mutt Feat. Kevin King – Thinking – Soundtrax
MSDos & Steez – Going Back (VIP) – Textures Music Dub
Jaybee & Dave Owen – (Untitled) – ?
Technicolour & Komatic – Daydreamer – Technique
Utah Jazz – Take No More – Vintage
soulTec – No Compassion – ?
Yorkee – Never Noway – ?
ASC – The Ubiquity Incident – nonplus+
Tanith – Born By Sea – Aventuel
>>ASC – Lost For Words – Nonplus+


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