Rakes & Kiki

Had a lovely time at home with my mum and Nima.  I think it’s funny that every time I go home my mum has me do some chore.  I don’t really complain cuz she lives in that huge house by herself and can’t do everything.  The humour is just in the fact that I live a regular adult life when I’m not by my mum and then the second I get home it’s… “Can you help me rake the leaves today?”  LOL

My car stereo is broken.  This is not ok.  I hate the radio.  All the radio stations are rubbish.  I need to find someone to fix it for me.

Before I post my regular dnb stuff, I just want to give Eyedea a shout out.  I lived in Minneapolis for 8 years.  I was very much a part of the music scene there.  At that time that I was there everyone was friends with everyone and collaborated to throw events and what not.  I participated in and frequented many Rhymesayers events.  I wasn’t really good friends with him or anything like that but we had many encounters and he was a really lovely person.  He was extremely talented and will definitely be missed.

Data & Dynamic feat. Kathy BrownCompassion
I think this one came out a minute ago.  Sometimes though it’s kinda hard for me to get samples of tracks to share with you, so I just keep them on my list and keep my fingers crossed that a sample shows up eventually.  Better late than never though right? 🙂

Today’s Oldie:
Dj HypeComputerised CopsGanja Records 1994

Random MovementPodcast 14


Total Science & S.P.Y – Past Life feat. Kevin King
Edward Oberon – Reckoning
AI – Moment of Truth
S.P.Y – Sabotage
Generic – The Underdog
Q project & 8 Bits – T1
DJ Die & Interface – Bright Lights feat. William Cartwright (Lenzman remix)
Command Strange – Sunrise
DJ Clart & DJ Fu – Low Crawls
Phil Tangent – Pleasure Trip
S.P.Y – By Your Side (Logistics remix)
Eveson – Marley VIP
Paul SG – Safe Places
AI – Unforgettable feat. Jenna G
Brother – Junction (Eveson remix)
Generic – Echoed feat. The Kartel
Prolix & Nocturnal – Existence
Kjell – The Last Thing
Marky & S.P.Y – Mystic Sunset
Mutated Forms – Windows (Netsky dnb remix)


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