Layabout Kiki

Today I have done nothing but be lazy and eat.  It’s that kind of weather people.  I’m closing tonight so I try and be as lazy as possible so that I don’t get mad about having to go into work at 7pm.  I know it prolly doesn’t really make sense to you but somehow it does to me. 😉

Dj HypeKiss FM 10/21/10


Icarus & Trevlyan-Back Up- Dub
Benny Page-Pass The Kutchi- Dub
Ulterior Motive-Rivet 196-Reinforced Dub
D Kay-Greater Love-Bootleg?
Delta Heavy-Space N Time-Ram
Taxman-Concrete Shoes-Playaz Dub
Break-Time After Time-Dub
Crystal Clear-Contact-Ganja Dub
Clearskyz-Get To The Bizznizz-Clear Sskyz
Phace And Misandrop-Desert Orgy-Dub
Taxman-Casino-Playaz Dub
Total Science N Spy-Above Clouds-Cia
Shy Fx Ft. Kano-Raver-Digi Soundboy
Serial Killer-D Minds Edit-D-Minds
Brookes Brothers Ft. Robert Owens-Beautiful -Bbk Dub
Crystal Clear & Zen-Settle Down-Ganja Dub
Sub Zero-Poon-Ganja Dub
Breakage-Clarendon-Digi Soundboy
Hazard-Bust Moves-Playaz Dub
Dj Friendly-Rockwell-Shogun


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