Wash, Rinse and Repeat Kiki

I won’t talk about school for long cuz that’s all I talk about these days.  Basically this semester is really hard and I’m trapped in a study/work cycle.  Boo.

Looking forward to seeing LTJ on the 16th and SPY on the 22nd.  I have to plan my let loose days way way way in advance.  LOL.

I’ll post more deets on those two shows as we get closer to the event dates.

CalibreForeign Bodies
Been waiting for a sample of this for ages now.  I know it’s just a podcast rip but you can hear it nonetheless.  I heard it on a Marky mix a while back and just loved it.  I can’t wait to hear it on a loud sound system.  Some serious bass there.

Intelligent MannersStill
So good!  I love tunes like this.  I actually really like all the songs on his Everybody Knows EP.  Nice one.

Mob TacticsThe Machai
Nice rowdy tune.  See I don’t only listen to pretty stuff.  😉

Flaco – Gonna Take Time
Love it!  I heard this on that Makoto Human Elements 5th Anniversary Mix and meant to post it then but totally forgot.  Wicked.

Today’s Oldie:
Dj DieReincarnationsFull Cycle Records 1996

Dj HypeKiss FM 09/08/2011


Jaydan-Insatiable-Innerground Dub
Original Sin-Detonate-Playaz Dub
Dillinja-So Hard-Valve Dub
Icicle-Alien Groove-Shogun Promo
Serial Killaz-In Your Eyes-Dub
D Minds-Rinse 2-Dub
Camo & Crooked-Anubis-Hospital Dub
Chap-Seven Lines-Innerground Dub
Protection-Culture Shock-Ram Promo
Heist-Verdict V.I.P.-Dub
Krome & Time -Ganjaman [Total Science & S.P.Y. Rmx]-Dub
Digital-Gateman V.I.P. [Taxman Rmx]-Dub
Total Science & S.P.Y.-Whoonga-Cia Dub
Sub Focus & Brookes Brothers-Late Run-Dub
Sub Zero-Retro Feet-Playaz Dub
Devise & Shookz-Comin On Stealth-Dub
Sigma-Night & Day-Dub
>>>> Dreggs-At The Bottom-Collab
Need For Mirrors-Zercon-Zoltar
Camo & Crooked-Run Riot-Hospital Dub
A.I. Ft. Mc Drs-Pigeon Hole [Rmx]-Dub

ZZzzzz Kiki

Man maybe I’m too old to hang.  I need sleep.  I feel like I haven’t slept in weeks!  Yikes.

Dj HypeKiss FM 1/13/11


Potential Badboy-Nasty Western-Dub
Taxman-Filth Funk-Playaz Dub
The Upbeats-Incline-Dub
Loadstar-Flight-Ram Dub
Hazard-Food Fight-Playaz Dub
Need For Mirrors-Talking Points-V Dub
Breakage Ft.Jess Mills-Fighting Fire [Loadstar Rmx]-Digital Soundboy
Noisia-Friendly Intentions-White
Marcus Intalex-Steady-Soul;R
Dj Hype & Ganja Max-Run Out-Classic Dub
Potential Badboy Ft.Junior Dangerous-Lock Em Off-Playaz Dub
Gridlock-Here To Wherever-Dub
>>>> Sigma-Top Cat [Special Dedication Sigma Rmx]
Heist -Underworld -Charge Dub
Prolix, Gridlock & Fats-Gots To Roll-Playaz Promo
Original Sin-I Love It-Playaz Dub
Crystal Clear Ft. Stapleton-Hush Your Gums-Dub
Total Science & S.P.Y.-Magic Hour-Cia Dub
Dj Vapour-They Don’t Know-36 Hertz

Layabout Kiki

Today I have done nothing but be lazy and eat.  It’s that kind of weather people.  I’m closing tonight so I try and be as lazy as possible so that I don’t get mad about having to go into work at 7pm.  I know it prolly doesn’t really make sense to you but somehow it does to me. 😉

Dj HypeKiss FM 10/21/10


Icarus & Trevlyan-Back Up- Dub
Benny Page-Pass The Kutchi- Dub
Ulterior Motive-Rivet 196-Reinforced Dub
D Kay-Greater Love-Bootleg?
Delta Heavy-Space N Time-Ram
Taxman-Concrete Shoes-Playaz Dub
Break-Time After Time-Dub
Crystal Clear-Contact-Ganja Dub
Clearskyz-Get To The Bizznizz-Clear Sskyz
Phace And Misandrop-Desert Orgy-Dub
Taxman-Casino-Playaz Dub
Total Science N Spy-Above Clouds-Cia
Shy Fx Ft. Kano-Raver-Digi Soundboy
Serial Killer-D Minds Edit-D-Minds
Brookes Brothers Ft. Robert Owens-Beautiful -Bbk Dub
Crystal Clear & Zen-Settle Down-Ganja Dub
Sub Zero-Poon-Ganja Dub
Breakage-Clarendon-Digi Soundboy
Hazard-Bust Moves-Playaz Dub
Dj Friendly-Rockwell-Shogun

Memorial Day Kiki

I have no Memorial Day weekend plans.  I have to work on saturday.  This year I actually would have liked to go to DEMF.  It seems like everyone is going!!  As long as the weather is nice, I’ll be content to stay here.  I’m grateful to have a job to go to so I won’t complain. 🙂

Dj HypeKiss FM 05/27/10


01. Dj Die – Bright Lights (Dj Hype Live Version) – Clear Skyz Special
02. Hazard – Death March – Playaz Dub
03. Friction & Camo Krooked – Stand Up – Shogun Dub
04. Jaydan – Driller Killer Vip 4 – Ganja Dub
05. Total Science – Relentless – Cia
06. O.S Ft Taxman – Casino – Playaz Dub
07. Eveson – Found A Groove – Dub
08. Crystal Clear Ft Zen – Heavy – Ganja Dub
09. Total Science Ft Spy – Squash (Remix) – Dub
10. Hazard – All I Can – Ganja Dub
11. Commix – Be True – Metalheadz
12. Upbeats N Teknik – Hollow Mountain – Ganja Tek Dub
13. Commix – Double Double – Dub
14. Netsky – Tomorrow Is Another Day – Playaz Dub
15. Original Sin – Get A Life – Playaz Dub
16. Lynx & Hellraiser – 4-3-3- – Dub
17. SBS & Drumsound – Fu Manchu – Teknique
18. Dj Hype – Freestyles Of Bass – G-Line

Overpartied Kiki

I tell people that I lead a low key life now and everyone’s like whatever I see you out but whenever CC is in town I’m reminded that you don’t really know what partying is like until you kick it with her.  I’ve been out more in the past two days than I have since she was here last July.  Fun times.  Miss you CC. ❤

Dj HypeKiss FM 4/29/10


The Upbeats-Diffused
Twisted Individual-Sorority Sleepover
Amaning-Brand Nu Feel
Crystal Clear-Settle Down
Sub Zero-Motion
Force One-The Scratch
Potential Badboy-Deep Inside
Code 3 -Response
Benny Page-Can’t Test We Vip
Total Science-Concrete Proof
Level 2-Spaces
Zero T N Steo-Walk Away Vip