Overpartied Kiki

I tell people that I lead a low key life now and everyone’s like whatever I see you out but whenever CC is in town I’m reminded that you don’t really know what partying is like until you kick it with her.  I’ve been out more in the past two days than I have since she was here last July.  Fun times.  Miss you CC. ❤

Dj HypeKiss FM 4/29/10


The Upbeats-Diffused
Twisted Individual-Sorority Sleepover
Amaning-Brand Nu Feel
Crystal Clear-Settle Down
Sub Zero-Motion
Force One-The Scratch
Potential Badboy-Deep Inside
Code 3 -Response
Benny Page-Can’t Test We Vip
Total Science-Concrete Proof
Level 2-Spaces
Zero T N Steo-Walk Away Vip


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