Kiki Needs Rest

Man my weekend should have consisted of nonstop rest after my antics with CC but whatevs.  I djed at the Jungle in the City party on saturday and that was real fun.  Good sound, loads of peeps, fun times.

All in all the past week has been real fun.  It’s awesome when the weather gets good and everyone is out.

Heavy 1 – Specium (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
M.I.S.T.FreakyRevolve:R 2003
Love this record.  So chill and pretty. 🙂

Marcus IntalexSolution Radio #16


Silent Dust – Levitation Theme
Scuba – Before
Calibre – Thirst Dub
Digital – Weather Man
Andy Skopes And Mike Rea – Sleeping Pill
Phil Tangent – Lunar
Ill Skillz And Spy – This Is Why
Dub Phizix – Scum
Calibre & Marcus Intalex – Bluesday
Redeyes – Sitting Back
Brandon Miles – Bare Tactics
Marcus Intalex – Wacky Races
Dj Lee Total Science And Spy – Relentless
Skitty – Principal
B.A.U. – Last Blast
Phil Tangent – Billies Smile
Calibre – No Reply
Marcus Intalex And Spy – Paulista Dub
Nether – Glacial Dub
Marcus Intalex – Steady
Silent Dust – Before Tomorrow
Unknown – The Thinner Edge
Bulb – Cruelty Support
Sobersoul – Escape
8 Bits – Tic Tac Toe
Dan Habarnam – One Note Bass
Spectra Soul – Absentis
Being With You 2010 – Furneys 2010 Unofficial Remix
Dlivin’ – Why


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