Fun Times Kiki

This weekend was pretty great.  Zew’s party was awesome and I went trick or treating yesterday with my niece.  Can’t really beat that.

KjellThe Last Thing
Totally loving this tune.  Me and Bisl having been fawning over it for a minute now. 🙂

Today’s Oldie:
NookiePhobiaReinforced Records 1993

Ulterior Motive October 2010 Studio Mix


_01.Alix Perez — The Observer – Invisible
_02.Amoss — Footloose – dub
_03.Ulterior Motive — Yogurt Brainwave – Subtitles UK
_04.Teknik & Cern — Wasabi – Project 51
_05.Octane, DLR & Subterra — Red Mist – Dispatch
_06.Eastcolors, Noel & Enei — Cracker – Critical
_07.Hybris — Losing it – Critical
_08.Gridlok — Steady – Project 51
_09.Friction & K.Tee — Set it Off (Icicle remix) – Shogun
_10.Ulterior Motive — Featherweight VIP – Subtitles UK
_11.Noisia, Ed Rush & Optical — Brainbucket – Vision
_12.Amoss — We All Grow – dub
_13.Ulterior Motive — Frozen Sky – Reinforced
_14.Zero T & FD — After All – dub


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