The New Adventures of Kiki

It just kinda of dawned on me today that the end of the year is so close, only 8 more weeks.  This year seems to have gone by quickly yet has been awfully long at the same time.  Go figure.

I have so many new exciting changes in my life that start once 2011 begins so I’m actually quite anxious for this year to be over.


Today’s Oldie:
FirefoxBonanza KidPhilly Blunt 1995

Edward OberonKnowledge Mag Guest Mix
Man Knowledge just keeps churning these guest mixes out!  You have no complaints from me.  They all seem to be mixes from my fave producers. 🙂


  1. Edward Oberon – Uptown – Creative Source
  2. Makoto & Deeizm – Untold – He:Digital
  3. Komatic – Now She’s Free (Technicolour Remix)
  4. Makoto & Deeizm – Stop – He:Digital
  5. Broken Drum – When I Look At You
  6. Sinistarr – Jumpstart Remix
  7. Joe Syntax – Fire Engine – AllSorts
  8. Sinistarr – Sunburn
  9. Need for Mirrors – Panoramic View – Nu Directions
  10. Edward Oberon – Noir – 31
  11. Generic – The Militant
  12. War – Rafale
  13. Mr Joseph – Rasta From Creation
  14. Edward Oberon – Reckoning – Influence
  15. Kjell – Dependence
  16. Edward Oberon – Paradise VIP – Creative Source
  17. Need for Mirrors – Screenplay – Nu Directions
  18. Edward Oberon – Paroles – Prestige

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