Kiki’s Travels

My brother is letting me take his car to Madison.  They don’t want to leave it sitting at their house all week as they too have gone away.  Not only did he give me gas money but he also has an I-Pass.  Talk about win. 🙂

Usually it’s just me and my mum for Thanksgiving but this time we have 9 other people joining us.  I come from a big family so I’m always down for big family style dos.

I plan on kickin it hard this week.  Not because I’ve been doing anything overly strenuous but merely because I feel like it.  Staycations are kinda where it’s at for me these days. 😉

Mob Tactics – Stick Up Kid

Today’s Oldie:
Ill Logic & RafNo More WordsAdvanced Recordings 2004

SurvivalKongkast #128


01. Survival – Undercover
02. Spinline and hydro – Blindfold
03. Survival – harsh Langage
04. Bazil – Dark Impuses
05. Survival,Octane and DLR – Trasition
06. Skeptical – Cold One(Jubi Remix)
07. 8 Bits – Tic Tac Toc
08. Survival – Sun Down
09. Skeptical – Sphere
10. Banaczech – Deseptive Emotion
11. Octane, DLR and Linden – Teknik
12. Silent Witness – BrainDrain
13. Break feat Die -Slow Down
14. Break feat Silent Witness and Survival – Conference Call
15. Siren – Snorkel
16. Gremlinz and Anil – Stand Alone
17. Silent Witness – Frozen Still
18. Silent Witness and Survival – Bullet


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