Crack Of Dawn Kiki

It’s early and so I figure I might as well try and get this entry done quickly before my barrage of activities for today begins.ย  That being said, I really don’t have anything of great interest to share with you since I just woke up.ย  Lets just get straight to the music. ๐Ÿ™‚


Today’s Oldie:
Chris.SUSolaris Theme VIPSubtitles Music 2006
Figured I’d might as well give you a Subtitles double whammy.ย  Love this tune.ย  Chris.SU’s basslines get me every time. โค

TeebeeSubtitles Podcast 002


01. System & Fracture – Close The Circle [Subtitles UK/Dub]
02. Basher & Extra – Reflections [Subtitles UK/Dub]
03. System & Fracture – Yeah, But [Subtitles UK/Dub]
04. Optiv & BTK – Jacknife [Subtitles UK/Dub]
05. Basher & Extra – Pressure Rise [Subtitles UK/Dub]
06. Ulterior Motive – Seven Segments [Subtitles UK/Dub]
07. Total Science & SPY – Venus Prime [Subtitles UK/Dub]
08. Total Science & SPY ft Lenzman – Narrow Margin [Subtitles UK/Dub]
09. Ulterior Motive – Featherweight (VIP) [Subtitles UK/Dub]
10. Basher & Extra – Hubble [Subtitles UK/Dub]
11. Audio & Meth – Grit [Subtitles UK/Dub]
12. Ulterior Motive – Bringer [Subtitles UK/Dub]
13. Chris.Su – First Snow [Subtitles UK/Dub]
14. Apex – Inner Space [Subtitles UK/Dub]
15. Audio & Meth – Alone [Subtitles UK/Dub]
16. Apex – Energy Lines [Subtitles UK/Dub]
17. Optiv & BTK – Let It Hit Em [Subtitles UK/Dub]
18. Dual Process – Curfew [Subtitles UK/Dub]
19. Source Direct – Made Up Sound [Metalheadz]
20. Photek – Fusion [Photek]
21. Hidden Agenda – On the Roof [Metalheadz]
22. Calyx & TeeBee – ?
23. Orbital – Belfast [Orbital]
24. Brian Eno – Secret Place [Polydor]


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