Dear Homework, I Hate you. Love Kiki

I’ve been buried in a bat cave doing homework for the past 4 days.  Kill me now.

High Contrast and Noah D at The Mid tonight.  My buddy Stunna is playing too.  Stop by if you’re in the Chi area.

It’s funny how you hear songs and just accept that you know them and have no clue who made them.  LOL.  I’ve been hearing this song for ages and only now know that  it’s Muwookie.  Dope tune.

Danoo feat. Kevin KingSo Many Reasons
I guess I’m in a sexy vocal liquidy mood today.  Lovin this one.

Today’s Oldie:
Stress Level & TC1 feat. Jenna GLost In MusicLiquid V 2005

Faironne Different Perceptions March 2011


01. Operon & Carly Dickenson – Pictures (Fokuz Recordings)
02. Dave Owen & Dave Shichman – Life Moves Fast (Luv Disaster Records)
03. Zero T – Goes Around (Shogun Audio)
04. Random Movement – Hotter Measures (HE:Jam)
05. Phat Playaz – Pillow Talk (Soul Deep Recordings)
06. Zero T & Mosus – Call Waiting (Liquid V)
07. Philth & Facing Jinx – Miss Understanding (Peer Pressure)
08. Random Movement – Please Don’t Leave Me (Driven AM Recordings)
09. Motta Feat. Jett – Love Sickness (Human Soul Recordings)
10. The Soul Warriors – My Soul (Quebola Records)
11. Command Strange – Day After Day (Fokuz Recordings)
12. Eclipse – Feels So Right (Urban Chemistry)
13. Physical Illusion – Give Me The Strain (Influenza Media)
14. Inside Man – A Million Lies (Vibration Records)
15. Qumulus – Soul Wave (Luv Disaster Records)
16. ATP – Smooth Fella (Basswerk Files)
17. Madmen & Poets – Leave It (Fokuz Recordings)
18. Smote – My World (Fokuz Recordings)
19. Smote – Born To My Soul (Fokuz Recordings)


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