Good Student Kiki

Okay so it’s only been a day but I’m trying to revamp my bad student image!  I’m doing my homework before it’s due.  See, miracles do happen. 😉

IcicleRedemptionAlix Perez Remix
So good.  Love it.

KrakotaBe Myself
Totally into Ingredients Records right now.  Really like the stuff they are putting out.

Today’s Oldie:
DillinjaTogether Valve Recordings 2001

Tokyo ProseOrganic Guest Mix 05/23/11
I guess I must have missed this one but that’s not surprising since I didn’t really post that much in May.  I listened to it yesterday and it’s dope.  I’m a huge Tokyo Prose fan anyways so I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t say otherwise. 🙂


01. Mark System – Hold it [DSB]
02. Need for Mirrors – Punch Drunk [Integral]
03. Calibre – ???
04. Heavy1 – Heavy Tone [Avantgarde]
05. Little Dragon – Twice (LSB Remix)
06. Tokyo Prose – Dash
07. ASC – Brainscan [Samurai Red Seal]
08. Mark System – Go Again [Warm Comms]
09. Tokyo Prose – Saving Grace [Samurai Red Seal]
10. Tokyo Prose – Turtleneck
11. Jason Burns – Back 2 You (Sinistarr Remix) awesome ❤
12. Bal – All City [Dispatch LTD]
13. Kodo – The Moves
14. Dub Phizix – Treatment
15. Enei & Eastcolors – Labyrinth [Critical]


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