Kiki, Where You Been?!!

Everywhere. 🙂  I had three weeks off from school and just ran with it.  I just got back from visiting my besties in Minneapolis.  Really lovely relaxing time.  I’ve noticed that I don’t really have much time to sit around and just do nothing.  Sometimes it would be nice to have some of that time back cuz that “sit around and do nothing time” is usually when I write in my blog.  Right now it’s 4:30 in the morning and I figured I might as well write a quick post before I have to start my day.

Penny Giles – Au Revoir Blackbird

Calibre – Dog Shit

Today’s Oldie:
Dj TaktixThe WayFokus Recordings 1993
I know there’s a remix around but I just want to highlight the original. 🙂

Heavy 1Kongkast #150


01. LSB – Subdued (Demand )
02. Heavy1 feat. Iriann Joyce – The Light Upon My Road_Inst (Forthcoming on Heavy1′s Album)
03. Tokyo Prose – Dash (Dub)
04. Calibre – Hummer (Samurai )
05. Need For Mirros and Zero T -Vanity (True Playaz)
06. Command Strange – Destruction (Citrus)
07. June Miller – Snapcase (Critical)
08. Instra:mental – No future _ ASC Remix (Nonplus )
09. Clarity – Parallel (Dub)
10. Anile and Hybrid Minds – Hitch Hiker (Dub)
11. Stray and Halogenix – Untitled (Dub)
12. Icicle – Renicarnation (Dub)
13. Nymfo – Conscious Minds (Metalheadz)
14. Heavy1 – Loveless (From Heavy1′s Album)
15. Foreign Concept and Kodo – Essential Tremor (Vampire )
16. Jazzsteppa and Foreign Baggars – Rasing The Bar _ Stray Remix (Dub)
17. Makoto – Different Rhythm (Dub)
18. Heavy1 – Deep Train (Forthcoming on Heavy1′s Album)
19. Heavy1 and Key MC – Pluse (Forthcoming on Heavy1′s Album)


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