Dj SS – Black

It may sound strange but I think about Whitney Houston alot.  LOL.  I’ve always loved her.  My fave song of hers is How Will I Know.  That song is on my gym mix so I pretty much listen to it every day and therefore end up thinking about how sad it is that she’s not alive anymore.  She may have had her drug problems but I just loved her music and she is definitely missed.

I love the track Black.  Not only because it samples Whitney but also because it was one of the first dnb songs I heard back in ’93.  It pretty much changed my life cuz I haven’t stopped listened to jungle/dnb since then.  I was so obsessed with Dj SS back then!

I like doing a Formation Colours series mix every now and again and I just did one this morning so I’ve got Black on the brain. ❤  

This is the John B VIP which I’m also quite fond of.


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