Stunna Greenroom DnB

Yesterday I tuned into Stunna’s Greenroom show and heard so many goodies!  He had a spotlight special on Bank, who I really am not too familiar with, but now am definitely a fan.  I’ll post the link to the mix once Stunna posts it. 

I always like listening to his show because I’m introduced to such a variety of new artists and tunes.  You should totally check it out if you don’t already.  Wednesdays 2pm to 5pm CDT / 8pm – 11pm GMT.  You probably already do listen but as I’ve said before I’m totally an old lady now about dnb.  The only reason I even know to tune in to Stunna is because he’s a good friend of mine.  I’ve reached a point where I have no clue what goes on in mainstream dnb land anymore.  LOL.  It’s not a bad thing.  I enjoy my life now but there is definitely a drastic difference between ravin non-stop like I did in my 20s and mixing out regularly, to the low-key,  mixing in my mum’s basement, scouring the internet for mixes, ipod head-bobbing, globe-trotting ESL teacher I have become. 😉

Anyways back to tuneage.  I’m all about Greyscale these days.  Totally my vibe.  Liquidy? Check. R&B samples? check?  What more do I need?

Love this collab with Spillage.



The DuoScience remix is dope too.



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