Kove – Night Thought

I had so much fun at the dnb night here in Madison on Friday.  I even got the urge to dance and that really doesn’t happen that much these days.  I’m perfectly content sitting down, grabbing a drink, yakking with my friends and bobbing my head, getting lost in the bass.  

The other day somebody asked why I am always talking about how ancient I am.  I looked at some of my other posts and it does seem like I’m constantly harping about being an old lady blah blah blah.  I know I’m not that geriatric.  I just turned 37 this year and I think that since I’ve been listening to jungle/dnb since I was 15, I’m starting to have more of a frame of reference on how much is different now from back then and that makes me feel old.  I don’t feel bad about it or anything, I just think I notice it way more now than I used to and since I am a chatterbox, I find the need to constantly yap on about it. 🙂

I think Oddsoul played this one on saturday.  I had bought it off Beatport last month and then just forgot about it. *shrugs* I do that a lot since I’m absent minded and also am too lazy to change the songs on my ipod.


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