Zero T – Walk Away – Pennygiles Remix

Hi!  Didja miss me?  Sorry for the drought.  I am coming to you live and direct from Turkey.  I can say about 15 Turkish words right now and am pretty happy with myself for that. 🙂  I was almost in tears because there was some Turkish beef with Soundcloud and it put a serious damper in my mix listening since they banned it for like 2 weeks.  It’s back now and I’m all sorted.  School is good, the teachers are good and the students are good.  Should be a good six months.  

Feeling this Pennygiles Remix.  To be honest I pretty much love all Pennygiles tunes.  I liked the Zero T original but I think I like this Pennygiles version way better.

Zero T – Walk Away – Pennygiles Remix – was having trouble with the soundcloud embed 😦


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