Busy Busy Busy

Man, the school year is officially underway.  I am uber busy, but enjoying it.

I’m sure most of you will be excited to see me post someone new!  You know if I had my way I would just keep posting the same 5 artists I listen to all day every day.  LOL.  Fortunately for you, my good buddy Stunna turned me on to a different dude named Lurch and I’m totally digging his stuff.

If you are like me, and still crave those pretty melodic liquidy sounds, then this dude will be right up your alley too.

Enjoy this mix of his and also check out some of his tunes here — Lurch.




1. Dramatic – Getting Stronger
2. Payback – She’s god
3. Skeletone – Party time love
4. Joakuim – Miles away
5. Lenzman featuring Martyna Baker – Paper faces
6. Level 2 – Nothing to fear
7. Lurch – A sadness
8. Wyman – Quasi type
9. Pennygiles – Way I feel
10. Lenzman – Move & focus
11. Danbwoy – Blo ya whizzls
12. Lurch – Body language
13. Skeletone – Smiley
14. Phase 2 – Rhode Island
15. Marcela Mangabeira – Grilos (Level 2 remix)
16. Mayforms – Love hangover
17. Wyman – Grouch
18. Lurch – Meant to be
19. Skeletone – Coffee, the chocolate lady & jazz
20. Calibre – Jungle one
21. L.I.S – Window quay
22. Lurch featuring Alice Devine – Waves VIP


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