R&B + DnB = <3

I’m forever making dnb remixes of r&b tracks in my head.

I’m having an r&b morning as I clean and I just felt like having a The Weeknd appreciation moment.  My r&b morning playlist has in actuality just consisted of me listening to The Weeknd songs on repeat.  I forgot how much I love love love “High For This.”  I know it’s old but when has that ever stopped me?  Everyone knows that I stay listening to the oldest songs ever like they came out yesterday. 🙂


And just for good measure lets have a flashback moment to remind oursleves how awesome this Qumulus rework was. ❤





One thought on “R&B + DnB = <3

  1. Of course I’ve been listening to the weeknd but it’s that song he did with that mousey Ariana grande “love me harder.” I read the wiki on it and saw it was produced by max matin then read the wiki on him and realized a swede was basically the magic behind all the favorite American pop songs on the past 18 years 0_0

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