Waterworks Central

So that’s all she wrote!  

Exams are over.  Nothing more to grade.  I’m still not really sure what exactly the kids do til next Wednesday when school officially finishes.  All  I know is it has nothing to do with me.  I’ll just be sitting in my aforementioned hot ass office, waiting for August 3rd when I blow this popsicle stand.  

I said goodbye to my students and it was waterworks central.  smh.  I’m such a crybaby.  LOL.  I still have a farewell English department dinner and have to give a speech at the closing ceremony next week.  I’ll be too busy memorising my Japanese to actually cry then. 

Currently listening to all the drum n bass.  😂  I’m just going through my Itunes  having a solo dnb party as I clean out my desk and throw away all the rubbish I’ve accumulated over the past two years.

Oldie but goodie. 💕💕💕




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