Raver Kiki Forever

Life is busy. *sigh*  I owe you a proper lengthy post soon.

In the meantime, I hope you get as much enjoyment from putting this tune back in rotation as I did. 

Having listened to dnb for over 25 years, it’s very second nature to me to just have the music on in the background.  I don’t always get the urge to brock out and shake my caboose to each track.  There are a couple of tunes though, where I’ll totally let loose like I did in my speaker hugging days, and this remix is def one of them.  I’m sure the person who was driving alongside me on the 101 when iTunes picked this one in the shuffle, thought I was absolutely bonkers, but I did get a good car dance out of it. 

p.s. I love the original too. 


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