2019 Kiki

2018 was good to me and I’m excited for all the things 2019 has in store. 

I’ve been busy as hell, hence the radio silence on my end.  I drove from California to Wisconsin for Christmas.  My niece moved to Wisco to go live with my mum, and we needed to get her car there.  When I drove from Wisco to Cali it was quite a disaster,  but this time around it was all smooth sailing. 

I had a great Christmas and New Year. Back in LA now, and just and doing what I do. 😍

Current Mood:

Today’s lesson planning selection:


Naibu – Manœuvres [Horizons]
Naibu – Les Soirées [Horizons]
Naibu – Red Hand [Horizons]
Mark System – You Gave Up My Love [Warm Communications]
Frank Ocean – Seigfried (Naibu bootleg)
Naibu – Gatekeepers [Horizons]
Cartridge – Pyramid Of Fear [Cartridge giveaway]
Naibu – Replaced [Paradox Music]
Photek – U.F.O. [Photek]
Naibu – Uncalled [Paradox Music]
Optical – Moving 808s [Prototype]
Naibu – The Way You Turn [Horizons]
Boymerang – You Like It Like That [Regal]
Silent Dust ft. Selfsays – Population, Me (Naibu remix) [None60]
Lynch Kingsley & Ilk – Spells [Med School]
Naibu & Key – Just Like You (Fracture remix) [Horizons]
David Bowie – I’m Afraid Of Americans [Photek remix) (Virgin]
Naibu – Again [Paradox Music]
Wayward Mind – Dark Flower Remedy [Flagship]
Silent Dust feat. Selfsays and Jon1st – My Only Option (Naibu instrumental remix) [None60]
Naibu – Distant Light [Horizons]


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