A Year Older Kiki

It’s my birthday today. I’m 45.

I’ve never been a person that cared about getting older, and I still don’t. But, 45 does sound old as hell. 😂

I’m missing my dad today. His birthday calls were always so sweet. 💜

I love those days when Spotify just gets you. I’ve been learning how to use Storyline to create learning objects, and you know how learning any program goes; I spent like 5 hours zoning out to dnb and trying my damndest to get all my triggers, layers, hotspots etc to work. The radio station based of my playlist was straight 🔥🔥🔥. Heard a bunch of “new to me” tunes.

I know nothing about Italian dnb. This is my first timing hearing these guys and I loved the whole EP.

I know who In:Most is, but didn’t really start listening to their stuff until last year. Found this old tune from 2017 and I’m loving it.

I also know of Athena. Hadn’t heard this track before though. It came out earlier this year. Such a pretty tune.


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