Thoughtful Kiki

I’m trying to make myself sound like I haven’t been neglecting you.  LOL.  I have thought about writing an entry so many times this month and then life has distracted me and all of a sudden it’s July 26… Dang.

Anyways, better late than never right?

July went by so quick.  There’s only 4 more classes of this second summer session class I’m taking left.  How did that happen?  I swear the class  just started.

I feel like we were complaining about summer taking it’s sweet time and then all of a sudden it just got here and was in full effect.  Lovin it.  I always love Chicago in the summer time.  I say that like it’s over, there’s still more of it left so I’m going to enjoy it while I can.

I feel like I keep repeating myself when I say that there are so many good tunes out but seriously it’s no joke.  A new dnb night has started and I’m looking forward to having a little dance party on a loud ass soundsystem (more details as the date approaches).  I will tell you that Calculon is coming for the August 11th edition though.  Woot.

Serial KillazThe Licence (Remix)
Great great remix.  Loves it.

I have a list of tunes that I’m digging but unfortunately can’t find good enough samples.  Hopefully I can conjure some up by the next time I post.

Today’s Oldie:
Krome & TimeThe LicenceTearin Vinyl 1995
So so so sick. I posted the remix so I reckon I have to post the original too.  I used to have such a Krome & Time obsession back in my early rave days.  Ganja Man is still one of my ultimate fave tunes, especially the Hype remix because it is so ridiculously awesome.

MakotoHuman Elements 5th Anniversary Mix
You can’t really go wrong with Makoto can you??  I feel bad cuz I don’t post that much and whenever I do I post a plethera of Random Movement mixes.  LOL.  I am aware of the fact that not everyone loves to listen to RM as much as I do, so I figured no one would mind if we did a little switch to Makoto.  Enjoy. 🙂


01. Makoto – Keep Me Down feat. Angela Johnson (Instrumental Mix Edit)
02. Marky & S.P.Y – Touch Me
03. Marky & S.P.Y – Love Affair
04. Lenzman – Lasers
05. Marky & S.P.Y – Ultranova
06. Flaco – Gonna Take Time
07. MC Conrad & Makoto – Golden Girl (Vice Versa Unreleased remix)
08. Level 2 – Last Train
09. Taxman & Original Sin – Together
10. Marky & XRS – Striptease
11. Nu:Tone – Coming Back feat Heidi Vogel
12. Total Science & S.P.Y – Magic Hour
13. Mark System – Hold It feat. Youngman
14. Zero 7 – In The Waiting Line (S.P.Y Remix)
15. Makoto – Tower Of Love feat. Paul Randolph (Intro Reprise)

Screenwriter Kiki

I’m on the writing team for this 48 hour film contest.  I’m kinda excited.  It  should be fun.  Crazy, but fun.  We basically get told a genre, character, prop and line of text and 6pm on Friday and have to write a script, shoot the film, edit it etc and have it turned in by 6pm sunday.  We had our first meeting yesterday and it went pretty well.

There’s no reason you would know this cuz I’ve never really divulged this info but I’m an aspiring screenwriter.  I’m working on a film with my writing partner right now and I’ve also been working on my portfolio.  I’ve written a couple of pilots and spec scripts and I’m just trying to immerse myself in the scene.  I’m a newbie.  Activities like this contest are fun.

Smote & GabannaSlowly Down

Today’s Oldie:
Dj Krome & Mr. TimeThe Licence 1994

Dj PreshaWay of the Samurai Mix


01. Hobzee & Zyon Base – 1000 Paper Cranes
02. Luca – Square One
03. Luca – Saint Bond
04. Tokyo Prose – Royale
05. Mosus & S.P.Y – ?
06. Mosus & Zero T – Carbon Black
07. Hiten – Nuisance
08. Cern – Timeslip
09. State of Mind & Trei – TrueStories (The Upbeats Remix)
10. Trei – Shame
11. Dose & Menace – Pick Up
12. Soul Intent – Hysteria
13. Soul Intent – Falling
14. The Upbeats – SFX V.I.P
15. Soul Intent – Be Strong
16. Eveson – Solstice

Git Up Git Out Git Something

Git Up Git Out is one of my favourite Outkast songs.

I don’t really feel like I did anything productive all week. Whateves, I will get myself back on track this weekend hopefully. First and foremost, laundry. I have no clothes to wear.

Last night Daniela took me out for a nice fancy pants meal. I really need to do that with my friends more often. It was just nice to catch up and eat some good food.

I don’t have any outrageous plans for the weekend. LTJ is tonight. I’m not going though, I’m just not in the mood for Smart Bar and I also don’t want to pay $15. Should be a good show. He doesn’t disappoint.

I’ve started listening to a bunch of new shows on Bassdrive. I usually just tune in to my regulars (listening to Spinn right now) but I just discovered Notion’s show and am loving it. God bless you Bassdrive. 😉


Logistics – Cosmonaught (track is in player)

Bungle – Be Like This (track is in player)

B-complex – In Your Sunrise (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie: Krome & TimeGanja Man (Dj Hype Remix) – Tearin Vinyl 1995 I know I’m picking another Dj Hype track but this one is just a great great remix. Classic. I loved the whole ragga jungle era.

I’ve missed my Format BFM mixes!

Format w/ Guest Mix from Tokyo Prose

Next Level Show 95BFM 10/11/08



01. St:Cal – Back Again [SOUL:R]
02. Zero T – Too Much [INTEGRAL]
03. Break – Enigma (Calibre REmix) [QUARANTINE]
04. Yorkee – Passage To Winchester [N/A]
05. Luca – Break And Enter [SAMURAI]
06. Cern – Life’s Curse [RENEGADE HARDWARE]
07. Spectrasoul – Peninsula [SHOGUN AUDIO]
08. Verse And D-Bridge – Solitude’s Weakness [CRUNCH]
09. Electrosoul System – So CLose [FOKUZ]
10. Hobzee And Zyon Base – Rain On Lens [SAMURAI]
11. Sinetz – Arabian Nights [N/A]
12. Icicle – Infectious Funk [SHOGUN AUDIO]
13. Johnny Hooves feat. Isotone – Trip [OBSESSION]
14. Mosus – Whistleback [ADVANCED]
15. Enei – Behind The Law [N/A]

Tokyo Prose

01. Commix – Bear Music [HOSPITAL]
02. Instra:Mental – Intervention [EXIT]
03. Tokyo Prose – Mastaba 2.0 [N/A]
04. Nu Tone And Logistics – Trademark [HOSPITAL]
05. Spectrasoul – Adoration [NU DIRECTIONS]
06. Tokyo Prose – Royale [N/A]
07. Luca – Red Sky [SAMURAI RED SEAL]
08. Tokyo Prose – Cadence [N/A]
09. Calibre – Electric Soul [SIGNATURE]
10. Lynx – Uno [CREATIVE SOURCE]
11. Tokyo Prose – Cerulean [N/A]
12. Klute – Dawn Of Reason [31]
13. Tokyo Prose – Since [N/A]
14. Luca – Speak Easy [SAMURAI RED SEAL]
15. Tokyo Prose – Apogee [N/A]