Screenwriter Kiki

I’m on the writing team for this 48 hour film contest.  I’m kinda excited.  It  should be fun.  Crazy, but fun.  We basically get told a genre, character, prop and line of text and 6pm on Friday and have to write a script, shoot the film, edit it etc and have it turned in by 6pm sunday.  We had our first meeting yesterday and it went pretty well.

There’s no reason you would know this cuz I’ve never really divulged this info but I’m an aspiring screenwriter.  I’m working on a film with my writing partner right now and I’ve also been working on my portfolio.  I’ve written a couple of pilots and spec scripts and I’m just trying to immerse myself in the scene.  I’m a newbie.  Activities like this contest are fun.

Smote & GabannaSlowly Down

Today’s Oldie:
Dj Krome & Mr. TimeThe Licence 1994

Dj PreshaWay of the Samurai Mix


01. Hobzee & Zyon Base – 1000 Paper Cranes
02. Luca – Square One
03. Luca – Saint Bond
04. Tokyo Prose – Royale
05. Mosus & S.P.Y – ?
06. Mosus & Zero T – Carbon Black
07. Hiten – Nuisance
08. Cern – Timeslip
09. State of Mind & Trei – TrueStories (The Upbeats Remix)
10. Trei – Shame
11. Dose & Menace – Pick Up
12. Soul Intent – Hysteria
13. Soul Intent – Falling
14. The Upbeats – SFX V.I.P
15. Soul Intent – Be Strong
16. Eveson – Solstice


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