Scorching Kiki

This heat is crazy guys. It’s been 100 degrees practically everyday here in LA for like a week. The heat is causing all these blackouts. On Tuesday my internet was out for 9 hours… 9 HOURS! I honestly didn’t know what to do with myself. LOL.

I read, cleaned my room, stared at the ceiling and talked on the phone like a teenager. After the internet came back on, the electricity went out for 4 hours. What a shit day.

Then the next day the electricity was out for 6 hours. smh.

Champagne problems I know, but a little whinge and a moan is ok once in a while when your trapped in your house during a pandemic and don’t want to be outside in 100 degree weather and can’t drive anywhere because your car is parked in a garage that has an electric gate. 😲😲😲

Going down a Visages rabbit hole as I mark these quizzes.  I’m doing  it early so I can get my grading out of the way and enjoy my Friday. 

This is still a banger.

Welcome back Kiki, Here’s Some Crap Weather For You

I’m back.  LA was wicked.  The weather wasn’t the greatest but it was still ten thousand times better than the 30 degrees and snowing we’ve got here right now.  Boo.

George’s art show was amazing.  I was so happy for him.  He’s so talented.  It was also great to see Mollie.  I say it all the time, I have wonderful friends and I’m very grateful to have them in my life.

Stunna and Bachelors of Science killed it.  I’m really glad I got to go to the show.  Really good vibes.  Fun times.

Did you guys listen to the RM Podcast 18?  Good tunes on there.  I ran to it this morning. 🙂

Command StrangeBeautiful Days

Today’s Oldie:
Utah JazzJumpstartHospital Records 2003

Dj LekkeDoddiblog Podcast Vol. 3
I always love Lekke mixes.  Haven’t heard one in a while.  Downloading straight away! ❤


01. Calibre – All You Got
02. Bachelors of Science – The Ice Dance (Lenzman remix)
03. Submorphics – Post Modern Soul
04. Random Movement – When You Come Alive
05. Drifter – Sunstreak
06. Alix Perez – Contradictions
07. Lenzman & Switch – Ice Cold Soul
08. Phil Tangent – Lunar
09. A-Sides – One DJ
10. SPY & Total Science – Gangsta
11. SKC & Saffair – Free My Soul
12. Calibre – Ringtone
13. Vice Versa – Spacebridge
14. Mutt & Visionary – Lady Love
15. Random Movement – Cutting Thru Hackney
16. Zero Tolerance – Goes Around
17. Commix – Painted Smile
18. Dekata Project – At Least We Can Dance (Nu:Tone remix)
19. Redeyes & Lenzman – Thieves In The Night
20. Calibre – What To Do In These Times
21. Bachelors of Science – Song For Lovers (Lynx remix)
22. Acma & Godfarm – Blue Tone (Makoto remix)
23. Seba & Krazy – High Priestess
24. Random Movement – The Self Aware Convection Oven
25. Lenzman & Cliff – Lose You VIP