Scorching Kiki

This heat is crazy guys. It’s been 100 degrees practically everyday here in LA for like a week. The heat is causing all these blackouts. On Tuesday my internet was out for 9 hours… 9 HOURS! I honestly didn’t know what to do with myself. LOL.

I read, cleaned my room, stared at the ceiling and talked on the phone like a teenager. After the internet came back on, the electricity went out for 4 hours. What a shit day.

Then the next day the electricity was out for 6 hours. smh.

Champagne problems I know, but a little whinge and a moan is ok once in a while when your trapped in your house during a pandemic and don’t want to be outside in 100 degree weather and can’t drive anywhere because your car is parked in a garage that has an electric gate. 😲😲😲

Going down a Visages rabbit hole as I mark these quizzes.  I’m doing  it early so I can get my grading out of the way and enjoy my Friday. 

This is still a banger.


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