Bizzy Bee

Remember Bizzy B? Remember Joker? I do have one Joker record that I actually refuse to part with. Something about Money Hoes and Clothes. LOL. I don’t remember the exact title but I know that the sleeve is grey.

This post will have to be short and sweet.  I’m super busy. My boss isn’t going to be here tomorrow and he says if I get all the work he left me done, I can leave early tomorrow, which would be dope.  Right now the amount of work I have to do will not be allowing any leaving early to be happening, so I’m trudging away.


Decem – Tearing You (track is in the player)

Today’s Oldie: A-Sides feat. MC FatsWhat You Don’t KnowEastside Records 2003 I like this record a lot. I’m gonna have to dig it out again.

Listened to this at work already. It’s from earlier this month. Good listen.

Soundtrax4Life – Big Bud – Bassdrive – Special Guest Electrosoul System

No tracklist

DnB & Kiki

It’s tuesday. I wish I had something exciting to report but I don’t. I guess since my weekend was busy enough I have to keep the rowdiness at a minimum for now.

Hot tunes:

Dan Marshall – Smoke & Mirrors Remember when I was on that whole Dan Marshall kick? I Still love him, I just haven’t been keeping up on his newer stuff that’s all. Loving this Smoke & Mirrors. Sorry no sample as it’s a dub but as always go check out his other tunes on his site. I believe there’s a Random Movement remix too. Dope.

KomaticHidden Light Love this one. We all know I’m a sucker for a pretty melody and pretty voice. I just recently started listening to Komatic’s show on Bassdrive and I must say I’m quite a fan.

As an obsessive dnb lover I’m surprised that I managed to even live my life without Bassdrive up til now. My number one problem with being a dnb fan living in America was I didn’t have enough contact with the music. I never became a dj because I like mixing. I like it enough, I’m just not that obsessed with the turntables. I became a dj because that was the only way for me to hear these tracks I was obsessed with out loud on a ridiculous sound system in the order that I wanted to hear them. Then the whole raver community thing happened and I was like wow this is cool, not only do i get to hear these tracks at a ridiculously loud decibel but I also get to meet others who love this music as much as I do and we can be corny and talk about how much we love tracks. LOL. Obviously this is no different from any other music scene but the drawback is electronic music isn’t on the same mainstream level that other genres are. I always dreamed of being able to listen to drum n bass whenever I felt like it. That’s why I became so adept at finding mixes online. I just wanted to make sure that whenever I wanted to listen to it I would have something new, new to me anyways, to listen to. I always loved going home to London because the second I would step into my dad’s house I would just turn on the radio and voila, tunes galore. I guess I’m lucky that I have an office job where I’m allowed to listen to music because Bassdrive has made me a pretty happy person. I tune in and I hear all the new jams and it’s awesome.

My, I’m awfully chatty today. 😉

Today’s Oldie: Dj Hype feat. Mc FatsPeace, Love & UnityTrue Playaz 1996 Doing these oldies every day brings back so many memories. It sounds so cheesy to say but from the second I heard dnb I felt like I’d found something that made sense to me and lets be honest, when you’re a teenager that’s a total blessing. From jump I’ve always been overly enthusiastic about dnb. I just love it. I was so excited about the True Playaz label. I was obsessed with Dj Hype and obsessed with the whole jump up era and had just discovered Dj Zinc and hearing that they were starting a new label sounded like the coolest thing ever at that time. The basslines killed me. I loved that these tracks had become songs I could identify. This was my first time hearing Mc Fats and I loved him. I guess you could say that this record was definitely a very significant one in my dnb life.

Granted I’m always excited to listen to Stunna mixes but this tracklist looks especially tasty.

StunnaMix for Impulsecreator


01. Aperture – Bija (ICR rmx)
02. Radicall – Between Us
03. Minotaur – Don’t Worry
04. Mutt – Just Met
05. ASC – Arclite
06. BMK – Electro
07. Hellraizer – Starsmoke
08. Will Miles – Location D
09. The Hustle – Untitled
10. ICR – Tingle Tangle
11. Madcap – Red October
12. Poise + Hybrid J feat. China – Captured Moment
13. Syntex – Space Music
14. LM1 + Indigo Sync – Shadowplay
15. Furney – Soh-Cah-Toa
16. Naibu – Seoul
17. Tyler Straub – Drawn Faces
18. ICR – The Beauty Within
19. Amaning – Parkside
20. Seba – Forever
21. Lomax – Human Network
22. Madmen + Poets – Serenity
23. Bachelors Of Science + Brooklyn – Wicked Ways revisited

Code Blue… For Real

Okay so the damage isn’t as severe as I thought. I’m no longer limping but my knee does have a goose egg black and blue welt and my back is really killing me. I can barely bend over. My face does have a black and blue bruise but it’s on my cheek bone and it’s kinda small so you could only see it if you were staring at my face for a long period of time which I hope you have no reason to do cuz I hate people staring at me anyways. My mum says to give my back a couple of days to heal and if it still is causing problems then to go to the doctor. Really though… who falls in the bathtub??? Me of course. *sigh*

Hot Tunes:

Henree – Lomo (track is in the player)

TKO feat. Miss WendyBreathless

Today’s Oldie: Calibre feat. Singing FatsDrop It Down – Signature Records 2004 I remember there always being an ultimate summer anthem. Each year a dnb track would take over the summer and that would be all you heard and you would wait anxiously for your copy. Obviously I’ve gotten older and my tastes have changed so I’m sure there’s been loads more since then and it just wasn’t my cup of tea or something but for me personally this track was one of the last real times I remember going to a show during summer holidays and having everyone go nuts every time this track came on regardless of what type of dnb you liked. It’s my ultimate summer anthem.

This tracklist looks great. I’m excited to listen to the show.

Dj OperonAustralian Atmospherics on Bassdrive 10/06/08


01. Crix & Operon – ‘Eleven’ (Golden Orb Promo)
02. Kubiks & Zetek – ‘Level Plains’ (rubik digital)
03. Stunna & Kubatko – ‘Broken Rules’ (operon rmx) (golden orb dub)
04. LM1 & Kharm – ‘Inversion’ (unsigned dub)
05. Well Being – ‘Without a Doubt’ (Fokuz dub)
06. Paul SG & Eros – ‘Ask Her’ (unsigned dub)
07. Spherique – ‘Falling Leaves’ (unsigned dub)
08. Tokyo Prose- ‘Since’ (unsigned dub)
09. Calculon – ‘Papadum’ (?)
10. Well Being – ‘Lend Me Your Troubles’ (Fokuz dub)
11. Red Eyes feat’ Deeizm – ‘Luv & Haight’ (Spearhead)
12. Bcee & Lomax- ‘I Can Help You’ (Intrinsic)
13. Calculon & Carl Matthes – ‘No Name’ (unsigned dub)
14. ATP – ‘Struggle’ (Golden Orb Promo)
15. Paul SG & Andy Sim – ‘The World Hates Me’ (unsigned dub)
16. Flaco – ‘Run Away’ (Rubik Digital)
17. Flirt with Dirt – ‘Zanzibar’ (unsigned dub)
18. Stunna & Pipeline – ‘Resistance’ (unsigned dub)
19. Zero Tolerance & Beta 2 – ‘Strike Back’ (Westbay)
20. Operon – ‘Whats The Soul’ (Vibez)
21. Syncopix – ‘Dynamo’ (syncopix)
22. Operon – ‘Airports’ (Phuzion)
23. D-Fect – ‘Contact’ (golden orb dub)
24. Mr Size F & Unquote – ‘Crying Skies’ (unsigned dub)
25. Lm1 – ‘Ambient Traveller’ (Covert operations dub)
26. ATP – ‘Soho Lament’ (Golden Orb dub)
27. Specific – ‘Down To You’ (?)
28. Paul SG & Martem – Untitled (unsigned)
29. Zyon Base – ‘City of the Red Night’ (deep soul music)
30. Tyler Straub – ‘Harlem River Drive’ (unsigned dub)
31. DJ Clart – ‘My Feelings For You’ (unsigned dub)
32. ICR vs Mos Def – ‘Dance with You’ (?)
33. Operon – ‘Acoustic Labyrinth’ (golden orb)