Paper Kiki

It should be a sin to have to write as many papers as I have this week.

Go to this if you are in Chicago today.


State of Mind – Next Level Podcast 005


01 // SOM – Deeper Stories (SOM Music)
02 // Optiv & BTK – Inception (Hardware)
03 // Need For Mirrors – Nevada (?)
04 // Prototypes – Subterrestial (Shogun)
05 // Nphect – Lotus (BSE)
06 // Concord Dawn & Optiv – Zulu [Dose Rmx] (Uprising)
07 // Calyx & Teebee – Cyclone (Moving Shadow)
08 // Total Science & SPY – Castaway (CIA)
09 // Trei – Misfit (Dub)
10 // Hooves & Borderline – Rock Hop (Dub)
11 // Borderline – The Way I Feel (Dub)
12 // BTK – That’s What It Is [Optiv Remix]
13 // Total Science & SPY – While You Were Sleeping (CIA)
14 // Friction & K.Tee – Set It Off [Icicle Remix] (Shogun)
15 // Marcus Intalex, Lynx & Fierce – Climb Up The Walls (SOUL:R)
16 // Misanthrop – Latitude (NeoSignal)
17 // Quadrant – Trompe L’oeil (Dub)
18 // SOM – Temporal 96 (SOM Music)
19 // Bulletproof – Dub Me Crazy [SOM Remix] (Cyanide

Pencil Me In Kiki

Many people have told me that the key to grad school is really just time management.  I would have to agree.  I’m getting better at it.  When I do what I’m supposed to do in the allotted times I schedule myself for, it definitely makes my day a whole lot easier.

I know I posted this mix at the beginning of this month but if you haven’t listened to it you really should check it out.  I’ve been working out to it for the past couple of weeks.  Really good tracks and nice mix. Data – Jan 2011 Mix.

Mr. Sizef – Street, Snow and 10000 Cups of Strong Coffee
Dang, Mr. Sizef’s track titles are always so long.  LOL

Today’s Oldie:
Dj ZincPrankstersTrue Playaz 1996

State of MindNext Level Podcast 004


01. Cern & Concord Dawn – Insignificance (Project 51)
02. Heavy 1 – Millers (Samurai)
03. Dose – Face Your Fears (Prescription Audio)
04. Neonlight – The Frozen Tape (Dub)
05. State of Mind, Black Sun Empire & Bulletproof – Roulette (SOM Music)
06. Apex – Energy Lines (Subtitles)
07. Total Science, Lenzman, SPY – Narrow Margin (CIA)
08. Proktah – Elephant March (Dub)
09. DisasZt – Red Agent (Mainframe)
10. Encode – None (Breed)
11. The Upbeats & Trei – Wear & Tear (Non Vogue)
12. Duck Sauce – Barbara Streisand (Sigma Rmx)
13. Disaszt & Chris.Su – Transference (Mainframe)
14. NC17 & Treo – Black Magic (SOM Music)
15. Jade & Matt-U – Moblaw (Fourward Rmx) [Eatbrain]
16. Jade & Axiom – Reality Drift (Lifted)
17. Gridlok & MC Dino – Watching Us (Upbeats Rmx) [P51]
18. Nymfo – Matchstick (Sulphurata Hyper-Oxygenata Frict VIP)
19. State of Mind – Punkd (SOM Music)
20. State of Mind & MC Woody – The Downward Spiral (SOM Music)
21. Fourward – You and Me (State of Mind Remix) [Citrus]

Cuddle Party Kiki

Joia is sick and Jessica has to work so we’re having a snuggle fest in my room.  I’m laying down watching rubbish on my laptop and she’s watching SpongeBob.  Good times.

State of MindNext Level Podcast 3 feat. Chris Su


01. Chris Su & Axiom – Neuropolis
02. Nymfo – Autonomous Robot
03. Optiv & BTK – Let them hit it
04. Jade – Acid Flood (SOM Rmx)
05. Prolix – Eruption
06. Noisia – Deception
07. C4C – Strange ways (Zero Method Remix)
08. Logistics & Ill Skillz – Notes from the block
09. Cyantific – Opium
10. Trei – Polaroid
11. Optiv – Run it Red (Neonlight Remix)
12. Mindscape – Bubblegum
13. Audio – Collision
14. Sigma – The Jungle
15. Cyantific – Bounce with me
16. SOM, Nymfo & Predator – Keep it Simple
17. Dose – Helpless
18. Upbeats & Teknik – Hollow Mountain
19. Octane & DLR – Transition
20. Metrik – The Arrival
21. Cern & Teknik – Wasabi
22. SOM – For those about to Gurn!

Quick n Fast Kiki

Yo.  This is just a quick post.  Don’t really have time to write.  Still feel pretty crappy.  Will write more tomorrow.   Scout’s honor.

State of MindLast Next Level 95BFM Show 07/18/09 😦


00:08 Bulletproof & Optiv – Camouflage (Bulletproof & The Upbeats Relick) [CYANIDE]
03:10 Trei & State Of Mind – Thunder Biscuit [SAMURAI MUSIC]
08:41 SKC – Rush [TACTILE VINYL]
11:30 Break – Ringing Ears [COMMERCIAL SUICIDE]
14:45 Klute – Most Peoples Are Dicks [SHOGUN AUDIO]
17:17 Dose – Say It Again [CITRUS]
21:44 Total Science – Going In Circles (Artificial Intelligence Remix) [CIA]
23:39 Ram Trilogy – Snake Bite [RAM]
25:16 Optiv & Chris.Su & Axiom – Soulcube [RED LIGHT]
27:24 Camo & Krooked – No Soul [UPRISING]
29:13 Psidream ft MC Mecha – Cypher [UPRISING]
31:17 State Of Mind – Back To The Jungle [SHOGUN AUDIO]
39:31 Break – Submerged (Calyx & TeeBee Remix) [SUBTITLES]
41:31 Jade – My World [CITRUS]
43:05 Q-Project – Tweaker [N/A]
48:25 Klute – Learning Curve [COMMERCIAL SUICIDE]
51:38 Break – Cold Sweat [CRITICAL]
54:44 Camo & Krooked – One [SUDDEN DEF]
56:49 Hidden Forces – Close To You (Psidream Remix) [EPIDEMIC]
59:29 Chase & Status – Menace [RENEGADE HARDWARE]
64:28 Photek – Age Of Empires [METALHEADZ]
70:55 Doc Scott – Michigan [METALHEADZ]
74:05 Black Sun Empire – Stasis (? Mix)
76:59 Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind – Red Velvet [BSE]
81:19 Black Sun Empire – Boris The Blade (Optiv Remix) [BSE]
85:41 State Of Mind – Different Strokes [BCP]
89:35 Chris.Su & Concord Dawn – Sacrifice [CRITICAL]
96:10 Bachelors Of Science – Sweat [HORIZONS MUSIC]
98:18 Futurebound & Matrix – Skyscraper [METRO VIPER]
102:22 Psidream – Tech 9 [ONSET AUDIO]
105:47 State Of Mind – More [N/A]

Unexcited Kiki

After such a fun weekend this week seems kinda boring which is really lame cuz it’s only tuesday.  Boo.  Sorry that I have nothing exciting to talk about. 😦

Well Being – Storms By Streetlight (track is in player)

Marcus Intalex – Airbourne (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Ed Rush & OpticalSlip ThruVirus Recordings 1998
I can just pick oldies from this Wormhole LP for days…  well 10 days to be exact cuz there’s only 10 on the album. 😉   It’s still one of my top dnb albums.  This track is one of my faves of of it.

State of MindNext Level 95BFM 5/30/09
Try and grab this while you can, sometimes those beatplexity links don’t stay up for that long.


Ill Skillz – In Your Name
Camo & Kr00ked – Escape
Cable – Plastic Planets
Craggz & Parallel Forces – Shake the Disease
Dabs – Crawler
Cern – Seek The Truth [RENEGADE HARDWARE]
Chris.SU – Illusions
Bungle – Move On
State Of Mind – Inverse Current
Mindscape & Monk – Into The Night

Dose & Black Planet –
L Plus – Runnings?

Trei & Teknik – Sleepless
Black Sun Empire & Chris.SU – Skyrider
State Of Mind & Chris.SU – Wanna Hear
Shimon & Bizarre – Zoids
Prolix – Hold Back
Borderline – Change of Shapes
Cause 4 Concern – Paranormal (Prolix remix)
Spor – Do Not Shake
Bulletproof, Teknik & Nymfo – 3 of a Kind
Phace – Crocker
Mayhem – Meant to Be
Utopia – Force of Mind
Concord Dawn, Psidream & Pacific – Bloody Fives
Bulletproof feat Mindscape & Tiki Taane – Dark Times (State Of Mind remix)
State Of Mind – More
Trei feat. Thomas Oliver – Lead Me On

Fri Sat Sun… Holla

Weekend!! ‘Nuff said. 🙂

Icicle – Infectious Funk (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
State of MindSunkingC.I.A. Records 2005
Not as old of an oldie today but I was listening to it this morning and remembered how much I liked it so it’ll do.

SpectraSoulStudio Mix March 2009


01. Data – Termite (Dub)
02. Instra:Mental – Thugtronik (Exit)
03. Break – Symmetrics (Symmetry)
04. Triad – Fiasco (Dub)
05. SpectraSoul –Guardian (Know you want me) (Metalheadz)
06. Logistics – Murderation (Hospital)
07. Lynx & Kemo Ft. Alix Perez – Dangerous (Soul:R)
08. SpectraSoul – Stutter (Dub)
09. Sidechain – Grotesque (Dub)
10. Break – Authentic (Quarantine)
11. Alix Perez Ft. Kemo – I’m Free (Shogun Audio)

Lounge Or Die

I have been doing some serious lounging.  It’s gotten a bit ridiculous actually.  I forgot that I didn’t have to work on President’s day so basically I’ve worked one day in the past eleven.   Geez.   I gotta get back into productive mode!

Sorry no tunes today, my list is at work.

Today’s Oldie:
OliveYou’re Not Alone (Roni Size Remix) – White Label 1997
Absolutely love this one.   It’s so pretty.   I remember being in all my early 20s angst glory and just thinking “this remix speaks to me!”   You think I’m dramatic now?   Imagine me at 21!   LOL.  Classic track.

State of MindNext Level 95BFm 02/07/09


01   Total Science – Never Had A Dream (Furney remix) [CIA]
02   Q Project – In Too Deep [???]
03   State Of Mind & Trei – Dirt (Spinline remix) [SOM MUSIC]
04   Culture Shock – Gears [N/A]
05   Muffler – Melodrama
06   Dose , Bulletproof , Teknik – Oddball [CYANIDE]
07   Concord Dawn – Chloroform (SOM remix) [UPRISING]
08   Marcus Intalex – Immersed [SOUR:R]
09   Soul Intent – Haunted [BLINDSIDE]
10   Cause 4 Concern – World Unknown [C4C]
12    Ed Rush & Optical – Chubrub [VIRUS]
13    Mindscape & Munk – Into the Night – [SUBTITLES]
14    Logistics – Release the Pressure [HOSPITAL]
16    Spinline – Cold Feet
17 – Restless
19    Break – Catch Off [QUARANTINE]
20   Quadrant – Whisper
21    Bachelors of Science – Warehouse Days [???]
22    Concord Dawn & – Sacrifice [CRITICAL]
24    Cause 4 Concern – Facelift RMX?
25    State Of Mind & PNC – City on Fire [SOM MUSIC]
26    AI – Days of Rage
27    Black Sun Empire & N.Phect-Taurine [BSE]
28    State Of Mind – Floor 14 (Bungle remix)
29    Krooked – Wayfinder (Proktah Remix) [BASSWERK]
30    Soul intent – Jus Vibe (Survival remix) [BLINDSLIDE]
31     Roni Size – Lucky Pressure [TALKIN’ LOUD]

You Suck

I’m sure you are anxiously awaiting to hear how the rescue mission of my car went yesterday. Trust me it wasn’t pretty. 35 Minutes of digging and begging my car to just jump over the ice mounds surrounding it. I was covered in snow and freezing but I did it… and then it snowed last night and is still snowing right now and temperatures dropped. Nice. As I walked by my car this morning on the way to the train and saw it covered once again in mounds of snow, all I could say is “You Suck!” to the snowflakes and go on my merry way. Boo.

I am promising that this will be my last post about the snow… for now. LOL.

State of Mind – Division 10 (track is in player)

MuttIt’s Pouring Once Again
I’m excited Mutt is coming to Seminar. I love his tunes.

Amaning & StunnaJupiter Rising / Landslide (Blame Remix)
The Landslide Blame remix is dope but I feel like I couldn’t go wrong anyways cuz I already really liked the original as it was. I like the Jupiter Rising too.

Today’s Oldie:
Dj Marky & XRSLKV Recordings 2002
I’m still impatient as far as waiting for tracks to come out, but thank god they take a lot less time than they used to. I waited for this record for 2 years. Bryan G played in Minneapolis this one time and played the most amazing set. I couldnt rememember most of it but I remember when he played this track I knew I wouldn’t forget it. If you know me, you know that I am a horrible track identifier. I always get names wrong, I can’t mimic the sounds for shit. They usually only sound normal to me if I sing them. You get the picture. I asked Bryan about it and fortunately he knew what I was talking about cuz he said that LK was such a big tune that everyone always asked about it. And then I just basically waited for it to come out, and waited, and waited, and waited. A year later I came across a Hospital mix that had it on there and I just played that mix over and over and over. Finally when it came out on vinyl I was just happy to own it but of course barely played it cuz I was sick of hearing it by then. 😉 Summer anthem for sure. Loves it.

StunnaAtmosphusion Radio Guest Mix Jan ’09




The last of my friends left today. 😦 It’s easy to get used to having your friends around. It just becomes normal having them be part of your everyday activities.

Erin mixes house and wanted to go to Gramaphone yesterday. We totally got trapped in the storm over there. It was crazy. While she shopped, I perused the dnb section and came across a copy of Dillinja’sFluid/Hard Noize on Test Recordings. Who sold that?? Are you crazy? It was obviously someone who decide they totally hate dnb now cuz no dnb loving person would part with that record. LOL. I own it and mine is so scratched up from overuse yet I refused to part with it. I gladly paid my $4.99 for this lovely gem and went on my merry way. What a great gem to come across! That record is sick. I remember when that record came out it was such the buzz. “Did you get your Test 2?” “Have you heard Test 2?” “Test 2 is wicked!” and so forth. It’s really all about Fluid. That’s what was causing all the ruckus. The way that track sounded on a loud sound system just drove the ravers wild. I was very happy with my lucky find. Now I can get rid of my scratched up copy since it wasn’t playable anyways.

Saburuko has some top notch stuff. I have been loving everything I’ve been hearing.

SaburukoA Darker Side / Solstice

I’m feeling a tiny bit better but still a bit under the weather. I think I just have to have a good lie down and just kinda enjoy my time to myself. My roomate is going to Sweden tomorrow so that will be the perfect opportunity to kick back.


State of MindNext Level 95BFM 08/02/08


Mathematics, Spinline, Tactile & Munk – Rubber Room [FREQUENCY]
Randomer – Blind [MED SCHOOL]
SKC – Close Encounters
C4C – Syngery (BSE remix)
Break – Destiny Comes Ringing
State Of Mind & Trei – Do It [SOM MUSIC]
Noisia – Diplodocus
Dose – Can You See?
State Of Mind – Deadeye [SAMURAI]
C4C – Droids
Proctor – ???
Zero Tolerance – Goes Around [SHOGUN]
MethodOne – She Haunts Me Still
Chris.SU – Costello
Soul Intent – Cold Blooded
Ram Trilogy No Reality [RAM] (oldie but goodie!!)


Sometimes the only thing that makes sense to me is drum and bass. I know that sounds really corny but I can’t help it, it’s true.

I’ve got a really jumbled up brain. I have ADD pretty bad. It’s some how morphed into what I guess they now call Adult ADD. When I was younger I used to go to therapy for my ADD because I can’t concentrate, EVER, and it used to stress me out. The funny thing is now I’m older and instead of getting stressed out I just space out. It’s become pretty bad. If my brain becomes overloaded and I can’t take it anymore I just tune everything out and go into la la land. Trust me it’s a lot better if I don’t do it around other people because I’ve noticed that people tend to find it rude if you don’t pay attention when they are trying to tell you something. 😉

Anyways, I’m completely swamped at work. It’s a bit overwhelming. I have til the end of the week to complete my tasks and I’m not being pressured at all but at the same time when someone hands you 35 case files I think it’s natural to panic a bit.

So basically I’m tuning out the rest of the world and listening to dnb while I work diligently, silently saying my dnb prayers.

I decided to post this State of Mind mix because I’ve actually never listened to their installments of the next level show. When Sun King came out I was all about them and then I let them slip by the wayside. I don’t know what they’re up to these days but maybe I’ll find out after I listen to this mix.


State of Mind – Next Level Show – 95BFM 05/31/08


  1. Zero T feat. Steo – Walk Away [CIA]
  2. Kantyze – 6 Hour Holiday [???]
  3. Duo Infernale – Playing Games (Drifter Remix) [HORIZONS]
  4. Break – Follow The Heat [ENGINE]
  5. Mindscape & Sapphire – Heatstroke [RESOLUTE]
  6. Q Project – ??? [MACHINE FUNK]
  7. Ed Rush & Optical – Sick Note (Ill Skillz Remix) [VIRUS]
  8. Break – The Race [COMMERCIAL SUICIDE]
  9. ??? – ??? (?Misha? Remix)
  10. Commix – Satellite Type 2 [METALHEADZ]
  11. Apex – Entrapment [LIFTED]
  12. Spinline – Storyteller [???]
  13. State Of Mind & The Upbeats – Planet Earth [NON VOGUE]
  14. Ed Rush & Optical – The Turnover [?VIRUS?]
  15. State Of Mind – High Fidelity [???]
  16. Mastercraft – Paris (The Upbeats Remix) [???]
  17. Misha – Tightrope [???]
  18. Trei – Justify [???]
  19. Dose – Think Straight [???]
  20. Flame – Earstabs [???]
  21. Prolix – Big Bass (?) [GANJATEK]
  22. Gigantor – Load Rocket (Gridlok Remix) [SUBSTANCE D]
  23. Zero T – Angel Heart [CIA]
  24. Cause 4 Concern – Dropout [C4C]
  25. Black Sun Empire – Firing Squad (SKC Remix) [???]
  26. L Plus – Overweight [ROBOTIX]
  27. Chris.SU & Axiom – Euro Neuro [SHADOW LAW]