The last of my friends left today. 😦 It’s easy to get used to having your friends around. It just becomes normal having them be part of your everyday activities.

Erin mixes house and wanted to go to Gramaphone yesterday. We totally got trapped in the storm over there. It was crazy. While she shopped, I perused the dnb section and came across a copy of Dillinja’sFluid/Hard Noize on Test Recordings. Who sold that?? Are you crazy? It was obviously someone who decide they totally hate dnb now cuz no dnb loving person would part with that record. LOL. I own it and mine is so scratched up from overuse yet I refused to part with it. I gladly paid my $4.99 for this lovely gem and went on my merry way. What a great gem to come across! That record is sick. I remember when that record came out it was such the buzz. “Did you get your Test 2?” “Have you heard Test 2?” “Test 2 is wicked!” and so forth. It’s really all about Fluid. That’s what was causing all the ruckus. The way that track sounded on a loud sound system just drove the ravers wild. I was very happy with my lucky find. Now I can get rid of my scratched up copy since it wasn’t playable anyways.

Saburuko has some top notch stuff. I have been loving everything I’ve been hearing.

SaburukoA Darker Side / Solstice

I’m feeling a tiny bit better but still a bit under the weather. I think I just have to have a good lie down and just kinda enjoy my time to myself. My roomate is going to Sweden tomorrow so that will be the perfect opportunity to kick back.


State of MindNext Level 95BFM 08/02/08


Mathematics, Spinline, Tactile & Munk – Rubber Room [FREQUENCY]
Randomer – Blind [MED SCHOOL]
SKC – Close Encounters
C4C – Syngery (BSE remix)
Break – Destiny Comes Ringing
State Of Mind & Trei – Do It [SOM MUSIC]
Noisia – Diplodocus
Dose – Can You See?
State Of Mind – Deadeye [SAMURAI]
C4C – Droids
Proctor – ???
Zero Tolerance – Goes Around [SHOGUN]
MethodOne – She Haunts Me Still
Chris.SU – Costello
Soul Intent – Cold Blooded
Ram Trilogy No Reality [RAM] (oldie but goodie!!)

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